Vladimir Ilyich Gabyshev

Shaman. At first, the bandits were interested in money, and they received this money. Then they needed power, and they seized it. Possessing the first and the second, they learned to convert one into another according to the principle of the water cycle in nature - adjusted for the Russian acidic environment. That is why everything normal dies in this territory, and the progressive does not take root in any way. Either it leaks away or scatters into the graves. The choice is limited. And what else could interest the Petersburg Sharikovs, oversaturated with money and power, who won on 1/7 of the land? - true: eternal life. And if not eternal, then the longest possible. And here you cannot do without genetics. Someone has a bullet on the Moskvoretsky bridge, someone - "Novichok" in Salisberry, and with this - give a long life. Years that way for 150 - 200. For they will not breathe in any way, St. Petersburg rats. They stole so much that I want to bliss more and more. And therefore, both daughters of Putin are now engaged in the most pressing issue - genetics, and now Sechin himself has been involved in this topic. Find out about this Vavilov - probably would have put himself against the wall and shot. For as you imagine the rejuvenated Igor Ivanovich with a belly filled with oil, you will ask fate-turkey to complete its sinful life cycle.

But this is the lot of weaklings, burdened with conscience, and will not negate the fact that Putin's daughter, Maria Vorontsova, will become the curator of the project for the genetic analysis of Russians. According to the plan of future long-livers, Rosneft should invest up to $ 1 billion in the project by 2027. The center is planned to be built on Vorobyovy Gory, near the valley of Moscow State University, in the creation of which Innopraktika participates. And the head of this company is Katerina Tikhonova, Putin's second daughter. The dirty princes of the St. Petersburg gateway are going to build such a "Putlovsky Ark" for themselves.

They do not want to die for two reasons: firstly, it is necessary, indeed, to spend the lion's share of what was stolen: in vain, perhaps, did they make so much dough? And, secondly, they are wildly afraid of death. And it’s not that they believe in God, but they unconditionally believe in the existence of devils, because they themselves are. And they perform sectarian rituals, and participate in black masses, and they do not even shy away from sacrifices. And it’s not a fact that we can do without human blood. On the other hand, after the shooting of children in Beslan and the inhuman bombing in Syria, you will not want to, but believe in the indirect nature of human sacrifices of the Kremlin sect of Satan.

It is this adherence to mystical rituals that explains the painful reaction of Putin and his entourage to the appearance of the Yakut shaman Gabyshev, who picked up a tambourine in order to expel the baldhead from the Kremlin. You can even laugh, but this is a fact: Putin is not in the Kremlin. Even appearing on May 9 in the Alexander Garden, the tsar did not dare to stop by at his workplace - he drove back to Novo-Ogaryovo in muddy. They also talk about two more bad "signs of fate." Allegedly a few days ago, unable to withstand the load on the body, following the slipping "hockey player", another instance, most similar to Putin, went into the world - the one that visited the hospital in Kommunarka. There he became infected. So he burned out at work, burdened with diabetes multiplied by the coronavirus. And there are also rumors that Dmitry Medvedev's double died in Pushkino near Moscow. However, hardly anyone is interested in the latter. All eyes are turned towards the bunker, where the elders, mixed with astrologers, are waiting in the wings, while Putin gives the order: "Stab the shaman with psychotropic drugs, so that he does not reach the tambourine ..." The irony of reality is that Gabyshev, indeed, turned into a sacred figure, taking this very sacredness of Putin. If anyone among the people will sympathize, then it will be him, and not the Kremlin rat.

Russia is a mystical country, filled with bad signs and happy insights, which are immediately overshadowed by historical tragedy. And here the emergence of a shaman-liberator is more logical than a civilized politician of the European type. Shaman - as the leader of all the oppressed, raising the "deep people" from the very bottom on a wave of indignant reason - this is normal for Russia in the XXI century, because she still mentally resides in the XII. And Putin, frightened by natural force, multiplied by the social potential of the Yakut character, is drawn into this game, making one mistake after another. Vladimir Ilyich Gabyshev frontally steps on the decrepit figure of under-Rasputin, bristling with the clubs of the fascist policemen. But they do not save either, and the aging godfather increasingly turns to otherworldly forces, seeking support from the lured elders. The latter willingly enjoy the Tsar's favor and do not cease to give wild advice, already influencing personnel decisions. With the Patriarch, Putin did not work out, their quarrel turned into an area of ​​enmity, and any news of Gundyaev's cough is perceived in the bunker as good news. But Gundyaev, in fact, coughed, and the temperature rose so much that Metropolitan Tikhon got to a low start.

All this mystical gimmick would not be worth a damn if it were not for the plague agenda with the real danger of killing a third of Russia's population. After all, after Putin announced a phased "exit from the self-isolation regime" - the plebs took everything literally: "Hurray! No more coronavirus! Forward to work, shopping, friends, and with strong hugs! .. ”These hugs threaten to end in a bed in the state house - of course, if the ambulance deigns to come. Otherwise, Russians will die at home. And the death certificate will write that it was "community-acquired pneumonia." Because officially the coronavirus has already been defeated, and it is not supposed to die from it. Even Maria Zakharova is outraged by the antics of American newspapermen: they write, you understand. We are not hiding anything! And our data on the crown is the most honest, like the results of Putin's election! Look into his fishy eyes, look at Bush with all your soul - and you will understand: this one will send everyone to paradise, and he himself will be hammered into a narrow slot in the bunker and will wait until blue in the face for the geneticists to bring him a rejuvenating apple. He will sit quietly, shuddering from each beat of the tambourine.

Only a dead shaman can be more terrible than a living citizen Gabyshev. After all, if Pu ukontrapupit - that even armored cars to Moscow will not have to rent. According to the canons, it will fly to the "Cigarette butt" in a split second. And will certainly extinguish.

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