Virus at the cost of Sotnik's life

Putin's visits to the Kremlin are becoming comical. Now he comes there for a few hours - suddenly, but with angry intentions to shoot a "canned video" for a week in advance. He shoots with different ties, with the hands on the clock set at different times - so that no one would guess. The approach of a professional scout, what can I say! Appears in the Kremlin, as if behind enemy lines, after which, having quickly filmed, vigorously sniffs into his hole. It is good and warm in it. There are icons, bearded elders, and there is no terrible coronavirus.

"We are standing at the foot of the peak of incidence," Sobyanin said mournfully.

Soon he will no longer be able to lie, because according to the established Putin tradition, the worst scenario was again chosen in a crisis situation. No emergency regime for you, be content with an illegal hybrid of "self-isolation", which means "every man for himself, and the authorities have nothing to do with it." And it manifests itself only in the form of extortionists in uniform, recklessly fining everything that moves. And as a result, the population, released by "kind" Putin for the "weekend", re-infected, and now, without knowing it, suffers a sore on their legs, and even shares the virus with their brothers. In addition, the publicized tests of "Vector" are about nothing at all, a profanation, like everything that lied officials report to the very top. And in the quiet of the offices, completely different pieces of paper rustle, which are not read out on the air of the victorious TV channels: “The Moscow Health Department informs. According to reference laboratories, there is a significant number of cases of false negative test results for COVID-19. In this regard, there are high risks of developing severe forms of the course of the disease. However, the number of patients with community-acquired pneumonia is rapidly increasing. According to the observations of Moscow hospitals, the development of complications can occur rapidly, sometimes within several hours, more often 3 to 5 days from the onset of the disease. The only reliable diagnostic study that allows to confirm / exclude development in the form of pneumonia is computed tomography of the lungs and its interpretation in combination with the clinical picture of the disease ... ”Now you understand what the depressed Sobyanin meant? Have a weekend break? Have some kebabs? Have you prayed in temples? Come to the hospital. But remember: there aren't enough ventilators for everyone. And don't thank Putin for his kindness and generosity: he wanted the best.

Against the backdrop of the impending coronavirus disaster in megacities, the easing of restrictions in the regions looks like complete mockery, bordering on crime. Instead of introducing an emergency regime to prevent the spread of the virus, local authorities decide to reopen multifunctional centers, employment services, notaries and insurers, as well as opticians and dry cleaners. In some regions, shops for the sale of building materials and garden tools are opening. It is clear that no one wants to incur losses, but since a global force majeure has happened, minimize human damage, and only then go to the economy. But the motto "We can repeat!" nobody canceled. We will throw corpses at the Hitler Crown. We throw it up to the top. This means that at the cave level of medicine, if quarantine is not immediately declared throughout the country, the ritual offices will become the winners in the deadly battle with the virus. If, under conditions of strict quarantine, the mortality rate is from 5 to 20%, then in the captive Russia it will rise to 35-40. How many are officially revealed there today? 1700? Do the math yourself. And don't forget the arithmetic progression. Then turn on geometric.

Americans knocked off their feet in search of an answer to the question "where did this infection come from?" On January 28, the Department of Justice announced that "the head of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University and two Chinese citizens have been indicted in connection with providing aid to the People's Republic of China." Dr. Charles Lieber, 60, head of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, was arrested on felony charges in connection with falsified claims "about his scientific work in Wuhan. But it's not just Charles Lieber that interests Americans. The explosion in the Russian laboratory "Vector" in Koltsovo, which thundered on September 16, 2019, is also in the focus of attention - both for the US intelligence and the Chinese comrades, vitally interested in the search for the first steps of the infection that has escaped to freedom. It is already clear that humanity is faced with a man-made modified virus capable of mutations. And now the interested parties must answer the question: with whom specifically "biological Chernobyl" are we dealing? Who should I present the final invoice to: Chinese or Russian?

Putin knows that - God forbid, if this is "Vector" - no one will regret him. Even my own lads. Because both the United States and Europe, if the "vector" origin of the virus is proven, will immediately recognize Russia as a biologically dangerous territory for the whole world. And shut it down forever. Both accounts will be frozen, and real estate will be frozen. And what will happen to the Spanish common fund is scary to think. And if the carcass of the plowman is being preserved by the lads today, it is solely in order to present it later to the furious world community: on a spit and in a well-fried form. So he sends military virologists to Italy to spy on, eavesdrop and sniff. After that, they reported: our laboratory shit or not ours? And how dangerous does it mutate? Is it already a star or not quite yet?..

This viral story will last for a long time. But the world community is eager to get answers to questions right now. And for someone they will cost too much. At the cost of life.


Not mutations, but recombinations with each reassembly (when the synthesized parts of the envelope and RNA of the virus are assembled). Moreover, recombinations, giving something meaningful.
I respect. But show pictures from hospitals real. Putin's window dressing does not suit your channel.
Ours has nothing to do with the Chinese are cunning people and sooner late they will get to the bottom of who threw the infection on them because everything went from them if this is a vector then we stock up on popcorn, ladies and gentlemen, you will see how everyone who served and serves the GDP and those who shouted Putin is the president in the air the world will also change clothes, but for a start, they will calm down the former endured by giving them to be torn apart by the same Sobyanin, for example, he did nasty things to you during the virus, and the plebs will believe, but at the expense of it’s nothing to do with him, of course, they will give him up to save their skins and grandmothers and surrender, in the hope that the civilized world will forgive and maybe forgive all former Putin colleagues, but the civilized world will present such an invoice that the whole of Russia will pay for at least 300 years.
I am a subscriber and a regular viewer of the channel, but today I put on a dis for crazy horror stories. Good health to everyone!
Riot in the Zone
In Novosibirsk, there was a fire on the "Vector" in November 2019. And then there was an outbreak of pneumonia in the region. The schools were closed. Is there a connection?
Maybe he is undergoing surgery because he disappeared
Sasha in hospital footage is it from Russia? Painfully good conditions are shown, the hospital beds are modern. It is somehow hard to believe that these are personnel from Russian hospitals. Maybe from Moscow or St. Petersburg.
If the Crown is from our vector, then we are fucked! Fuck our elite, and they will drag us with them. Really scary!
We wanted to repeat it so much !!!
So, let's repeat? ..
Mishustin signed a government decree, which actually equates the current regime of illegitimate “high readiness” with the regime of an “emergency”, but not completely, but only in the part that has to do with the isolation of the subordinate population (so as not to pay him and business the losses incurred).
Grandma's organ cleverly pulled up to grandfather's nose
Thank you Alexander for your work! Good luck!
It's time to survive
It's scary, everything is crumbling, the ground is underfoot, and a detachment of dol ... in, watching TV, gather for elections ... why people don't fly .....
For the program 👍
Birds don't sing here,
Trees don't grow,
And only we are shoulder to shoulder
We grow into the ground here.
It looks like the Stabilization Fund has been kirdyk for a long time.
I waited until the truth about the virus began to stir. And then 85% of Russian Ivanushki still refuse to think. And who benefits from this virus? And why did Russia bring down oil prices? As in Russia the second New York begins, so the medicine will appear in our Kremlinites .
vector, who else?
They visited my little head that it was the hands of our guys. But I'm afraid to believe it ... It's scary somehow. Is it really that people can be scum ?!
Scary, just scary (((((
I've been saying for a month that 6 months ago there was an explosion in the virus laboratory in Russia ... the Russians themselves reported this ....
Top 💯
When it won't be like yesterday
Putin's thieves' vertical has no desire to fight the virus. Their goal is to deprive the country's population of the last civil liberties and rights, to drive the inhabitants into holes. Conveniently thought up? You don't even need to hide people in prisons, guard and feed them there.
This bald moth with the KGB will be tried for spreading the virus. The question is when?
I have only one question - Why only civilians get infected and die. There is not a single case of Paliceyski's disease? Something is wrong here ...
But we won the Pechenegs and Polovtsians, we can repeat ...
20 years ago, he offered to soak in a sarter, but now he is hiding in a bunker so as not to be soaked.
The virus may be natural, but this does not exclude the version of its (pre- or unintentional) leak from the laboratory where it could be studied as a dangerous rarity, a specimen useful for science, or a possible bio-weapon. In general, it is very suspicious that the outbreak of pneumonia really was in the Russian Federation in November. It is suspicious that the authorities with all their might in March, when the pandemic was already officially recognized in the world, tried to pass off all the first cases as imported. Only symptomatic people with a recent history of travel and contact were specifically tested for the virus. This is a rather strange measure.
It's time!
Alexander, thank you for the interesting and useful news and conclusions. I try to listen very carefully and try to be objective. I am concerned about one question: was the explosion in Vector so serious that they SO want to blame it for the spread of the Covid19 virus? I myself am from Novosibirsk. Was aware of this explosion last September. But since I live near Koltsovo, then this begs the question: if the virus was then released "for a walk", then why in Novosibirsk and Koltsovo in September there were not so many cases, and even more so dead? It seems to me that there is still a discrepancy. Unless it means that the explosion was provoked by some kind of manipulation-machinations by selling the virus to China? But even if this is so, how will it be possible to investigate and prove it? To tell the truth, I do not believe that Russia is to blame for this. And not because I'm from Novosibirsk. It seems to me that it would be simply unprofitable for Russia on any account. Rather, it is beneficial to those who want and would like to destroy the current government. I do not agree with the fact that so much is going on in Russia, but I really don't want to believe that these creatures are so disgusting that could be to blame for such a crime. And the most important thing here is the people. The people who, in fact, became hostage to everything ... It's just a nightmare. I will write you an offer letter by email.
The red-haired clown even overdid it, the tycoon is nothing to say in scale and scope, I wonder what place the inhabitants of the second capital belong to the plague Chinese province, or an infection has been transmitted over the Internet, we are waiting for the appearance of a computer version of covid, computers will probably just melt all over the world, now and The terrorist was found who sold the infected feces to the Chinese, Or maybe there was a bang in the skyscraper near Red. There, after all, the lads from all over the world gather on their own floor in their apartments, you can't keep track of everyone. Such a new 911 predicted by the Simpsons. So cartoons still make sense? What happened next, in my opinion the asteroid is in a hurry to meet with the earth so briskly, run away who can, who did not hide, I'm not to blame.
There Thorn on his channel is very strong on you pi .. dit. What to do with him? 😁😁
And the question is not a joke. If they find out that the virus is one-of-a-kind and released deliberately, then it will be equated with the use of weapons of mass destruction. Whoever it is, The Hague, they cannot escape.
And we have tanks outside the village, and you
Voice-over, reminiscent of a voice from our rush.
I agree with the author, perhaps he is right that there will not be enough ventilators for everyone, as well as there is no cure for coronavirus, but the author did not answer the main question, why there are not enough ventilators and there is no vaccine against a new infection, which many assess as flu? Do we live in the 21st century, citizens? Or is it a fiction about 21st century technology and progress? The coronavirus is not dangerous, they assure us, but the mortality rate is growing, and the lack of drugs is a sign of backwardness; in the 21st century, doctors work miracles, for example, a brain transplant, the most complex operation. Most likely, the fact is that there are too many people in the country, and medicine was not destroyed by accident. One ventilator costs from 1,000,000 rubles to 12,000,000 rubles, it is not profitable for the capitalists, why produce a ventilator for every citizen? The longer the epidemic lasts, the stronger and richer the medicine of capital will be, the more billionaires there will be. Only the class of the poor, socially unprotected strata of the population is at risk, but they try to keep silent about this.
It looks like they are making martyrs of us, well, to go straight to heaven.
Tell us more about vector tests ..
What are you guys doing? We're already at a low start !!
Those wishing to move will not live to see the end of the quarantine ...
How bored you are.
Even Russia is to blame for the staged epidemic.
Typical opposition propaganda of fakecomets.
hear Judas how much you paid. that you panic. there is no virus. we have one virus is a worthless cowardly bald handshake. and if there is, it is better to die at once than suffer. not running like a chicken with a severed head.
He himself declares that the Russian Federation is not capable of anything, which, to a large extent, is true, and after that it invented the coronavirus ... Sasha, are you fucked to the edge or who pays you for this nonsense?
Well, what nonsense - the virus is not man-made and is not capable of rapid mutations - there are publications, and the Centurion is hysterical without knowledge, which is natural, without knowledge. And the fact that schizophrenia is nearby should not be forgotten.
30 will not be, we have few old people, and 15 - quite ...
Rat place in the hole !!!!!!!! Especially botox.
I am amazed at the population - the instinct of self-preservation is completely absent.
quarantine yourself - sell cars gut your money boxes save yourself and your families don't wait for your breadwinner to wave his thieving hand giving permission to close everything and everything - this will never happen
But the main thing is that money has already been allocated for granite curbs in Moscow! Wow!
"Pecheneg came to his father. And he asked the baby:" Dad, what have I got to do with it, if the Russians feel bad ?! "Dad-swimmer gently bent down to his son, son, you have nothing to do with it, grandpa f ... br /> “If people choose security between freedom and security, in the end they lose both.”
Benjamin Franklin
Sdohnite russkaja tvarj!
The president gave us a month to rest! Where to stress?
Brilliantly! Great stuff!
The second aspect of this priest lies in the Middle East. The Saudis have always been number two among Americans. Trump withdrew himself, which is called perishridil, they say, wrestle with my sixes. Vova was blown away and now it is not according to the concepts of negotiating with the patron. The omitted one is not negotiated. He is appointed a goat. Now Borya Johnson is charged, preparing an accusatory speech, and then Vova will be reminded of a show-off with a "newbie". It turns out this is not the first time. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Giorgi Mosulishvili

What Artem writes is his fantasy. In fact, it was not like that. In 2012, there was contact with those who fly fast, high and far, it was in Russia, 240 km west of Moscow.
People were warned that if they did not stop doing shit, they would be destroyed. They gave a term of 100 years with the proviso that if they didn’t see any action, they would start wetting. The Russians asked how. They were told about the virus "switch" for signs of infection, similar to SARS or flu.

The Russian leadership has set the task of checking whether this is a crap, and if not, develop a vaccine. The Russians did not manage to create a 100% combat virus, otherwise there would have been no Facebook and there would have been no one to communicate. Virus developer GNTs Vector, Novosibirsk.

Answer 2
Who is fighting whom.

Nobody is at war with anyone. It accidentally happened. They crossed a hedgehog with a snake and he broke free and fucked everyone.
We wanted to investigate the possibility of creating an absolute bacteriological weapon and protection against it, but did not calculate the consequences.
But we made sure that the infa about the combat virus that was dropped by the Russians on 05/17/2012 is true. If a weak 5% prototype could do this, then what a 100% killer disguised as a common cold can do, I think it's clear.

In order to prove that I am not pizdabol, I will quote one phrase from the audio recording of that meeting.
It sounds like this: I DO NOT understand THESE YOUR FISH.

The context of this phrase is the event with an asteroid in Chelyabinsk on 02/15/2013, 9-26 local time.
The FSB officer asked what the ship would look like which would destroy the asteroid, he was answered "for a fish." He asked which one. % D1% 83% D1% 87% D0% BD% D1% 8B% D0% B9_% D1% 86% D0% B5% D0% BD% D1% 82% D1% 80)
Origin of HZ infection. But the fact that Trump and Xi will fight and make Vector a scapegoat is quite a viable scenario.
Trump, as always, will begin to nightmare Xi, but only to bargain concessions, and in total, this butting will need to present a reason, and if an agreement is reached, then there should be a third reason. This is the reason that Vector will become (and here it is no longer important whether this is true or an agreement between them). Vovazh was glad that a leader came to the United States who was able to negotiate with any G.
Russia always blames anyone when it does something wrong (as it was with the downed Malaysian, for example). Judging by the fact that at the initial stage of the spread of the virus, Russia immediately began to blame the United States for this, it becomes clear with what * experience coronavirus legs grow.
Kick the opposition, call for real
If something is hiding, it decreases at least tenfold, and if some lie is blown up, the amount is also increased tenfold.
Like 👍👍👍
The worst virus is Pukin.
I don't understand the monks - do they really not understand who is standing in front of them?
Doesn't this son of the Devil feel the stench of death and hell? I was not mistaken, the son of the Devil, the father of lies.
It will definitely be necessary to push it into the top !!!
Sasha, super top definitely !!!
If we take into account Putin's desire as a maniac to destroy the United States either by Losharik or Petrel, then it’s not surprising that he was preparing this bacteriological weapon against him, but it got out of control after the explosion in the Vector laboratory before the development of an antivirus and had to be used without it first against China, so that the whole world would consider it the source of this virus, then against the United States, hoping to start a war between these states, and the virus then spread throughout the world. Other weapons of mass destruction: Putin has already used radioactive and chemical weapons against Great Britain.
yes h.y with them ... A question arises ... what will happen to usiiiiiii ... we will ball in search of food from region to region ... in short, I take caramultuk and currency in the taiga, a place to book away from angry people
Respect ✊ and respect to you and your team. I wish you health and success in your work.
Putin is purposefully sabotaging the fight against coronavirus to reduce the population, hoping by this to bring down revolutionary sentiments in society.
Who would have thought that this KGB mole would be a disaster for the whole world, something that could provoke a nuclear war without a doubt, but for such a reason as a virus no one expected, this is what happens when they put an idiot in power in the role of a pawn, knowing how brainless and Hands in our country in the scientific field, this condom is engaged in such research. This bullshit will destroy its own population, wishing to harm the whole world.
putler bastard
More curbs and better cobblestones
From the very beginning I thought it was the work of Russian scum!
My grandmother spoke correctly in the distant 70s. There will be no war, everyone will leave.
So everything can be repeated according to the SPANISH scenario: the virus will mow down millions and leave itself (they will not even have time to create a vaccine) ...
Well, the Americans and the Chinese will still find out where the legs of the virus are growing from. This will be worse for a fabulous MH 17 !!! What a great and encouraging video !!!!!!
Why, after the announcement the day before yesterday of an increase in salaries for doctors in Russia, the statistics of infections began to grow sharply?
Show Sweden, please! Subscribers, please send a video.
Alexander, why is there no quarantine in Sweden and there are no infections in such an amount? Why is it pumping so much? Do you support tougher quarantine?
What are they? Yes, just old fart, ready to devour everyone and everything. I didn’t choose these assholes to point out to me. Whippers, how did you insist.
Will Putin be spun or vertical with a well-done crust to be delivered to The Hague or in a wooden mac?
Riot in IK-15 Angarsk Irkutsk region, now the special forces are simply setting fire to and shooting prisoners fire engines do not let them in
I can't even imagine how you can prove where exactly the virus "escaped".
By the way the governments of the countries behave, it is inexorably logical that the benefit of only one, where the organized criminal group rules infinitely ... but the world government ... this is their plan ... although it would hardly have started according to such a scenario, because our rootless jackals are at their table no ... although the devil only knows ... 😲😔
How I got it!
Putin is a moron
Coronavirus was brought to Wuhan by the Russian military: the historian told about the explosion in the virology center, which was hidden by the Russians

The well-known Ukrainian historian and political scientist Oleksandr Paliy writes on his blog that if the Russians really deliberately spread the coronavirus around the world in order to undermine their competitors - the Euro-Atlantic civilization and China - then everything could turn out for Russia according to Chernomyrdin's recipe: We wanted the best, but it turned out as always. " One has only to look at today's economic news feed and everything will become clear. Things are very, very bad in Russia today because the oil price continues to fall.


Alexander Paliy emphasizes that simple slovenliness cannot be ruled out: an explosion at the Vector Virology Center in Novosibirsk on September 16, 2019 - a trip of infected Russian military personnel to international army competitions in Wuhan October 18-27, 2019 - the first registration of coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan November 17, 2019 years - world chaos.


"Now, I think, the intelligence services of China and the United States are checking all more than 250 Russian military personnel and it is not known how many coaches who took part in those games," the political scientist wrote. He adds that it cannot be ruled out that some of those servicemen "left" the Russian army a year ago.
Applause !!! Keep it up !!!
Hello. Alexander, thank you and your team for the hard work that people need. Health to you and your loved ones
If this is "Vector", then the epidemic in Russia has already passed.
To the top !!!
"Coronavirus" sits in the Kremlin with horns on its head! He spits at the world, spits, and everything around him is in shit !!!
who will have money after the opening of the border - wash away, sell real estate on the Internet; if there is someone to sell
90% of the population in any country is apolitical and wants basic things: breathe, eat, drink, sleep, copulate, have fun - food, water and drinks, and entertainment will definitely suffer;
an angry zombie mass will take out on the "fists" and dispossession in the 21st century will not be the same as in the 20th century;
these people have forgotten how to make bolts correctly, the principles of civilization and morality are a sign of weakness.
I say what I have always said to all "oppositionists" - the West does not need you, no one will come to eradicate the Fourth Reich, there will be no abrams!
The West has abandoned Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and you will also be abandoned; even if you broadcast online lynch courts and ask for rescue, no one will come!
only Belarus remains where the refugees will flee - "polyglots"
those who do not have enough for a foreign country, go at least to the Kaliningrad region!
there you will be able to ask for the 17th voivodeship to Poland.
To be honest, I really don't give a damn about the coronavirus, I don't wear a mask, gloves and other crap, I'm not afraid of death, because life in the so-called Putin's Russia is like hell on earth, and will it be worse for me in the next world (if any) than on this ...
Well done Alexander!
Russia is involved in any case, as always, they were the first to shout at the United States, which means a stigma in the gun.
Yobnuy SCAR, yobnuyu people!
Then they will investigate and find the cause and location of the virus. And do not envy the country where he first appeared!
If the intelligence services of the United States, Great Britain and Israel are connected, they will soon find the address of the laboratory, and then there will definitely be a full pi ... c ...
The video specifically muted YouTube
Today I ate and the temperature is 36 and 6
There is no scary coronary who needs to face it.
Yes, that is right. Thanks for a great release!
Crystal h.y fool not for long ...
Aleksandr Vladimirovich! You for me are a vivid example of a real, progressive figure from the people, a journalist and just a wise Person. Thank you for your motivation, for your work and video on YouTube! Best wishes from Odessa ...
On the other hand, what to do? People cannot stay at home without a livelihood! Then let the government and the state pay! Yes, the minimum wage for an adult and one minimum wage for a child! Otherwise, we are all stars!
Reagan was right. Empire of evil.
Exactly. It will be served on a spit ... 🔥🔥🔥
Wish from Ukraine. Sneeze at everything and everyone.
Humans are the same virus. They kill their host (Earth). Everything is natural.
Thank you, Alexander Vladimirovich !!!
In this regard, the occupation parasha of Evil has already broken into small pieces !!!.
Everyone should prepare ... to paradise, you are still lucky, the rest will just die, they told you, zaputintsy!
Crown 👑 🦠 spares no one
And what about the mountain snake, is he also? What do you think, Pechenegs?
Hello dear Alexander! You are more categorical than ever.
"Self-isolation" is translated into Russian as "fig, not money, you will interrupt somehow."
Tin of course.
Stopudovo coronavirus is the handiwork of Vyalikikh bast shoes like "Novice" Wild orcs can only shit
Where the butt went is a big, big secret; but it has just reset to zero and is no longer there!
The cigarette butt will go down in world history as AnalogueGOVNET Self-resetting and Self-withdrawing in crisis!
after April 29, there will be no zombie virus or people, there will be a little torment left =))
Respect 👍👍👍 like 👍👍👍
Fix: on a spit and well done.
In the USSR they lied but did not steal, but now they lie and steal !!
"Vector origin of the virus" - not yet proven.
Sotnik TV ❤️❤️❤️
We slowly cover ourselves with a vagina !!!!
The boss called me to work on Monday, that's great.
like, Sasha, thank you for the truth
Soon they will sweep away the gang of Putin's nasty rats and then I don't envy him)
Sasha, I will say this: all "refugees" from Muscovy, as well as from Belarus and Ukraine, will have to MUST pass a test with a psychiatrist, psychologist and zombologist, and always under the supervision of a hypnosologist for loyalty to the tsars of Putin-Lukashenko-Zelensky! And if the test gives a positive result, in its negative sense, then such biomass should be admitted to you like Trojan horses IN NO EVENT! They are scarier than Islamic schizophrenia with its global grandeur! Sorry for the sharpness!
Give me food on a 3D printer!
Oops, oops - the green fence! We fucked Putin - it serves him right! :)
Belarus and Sweden did not like self-isolation and emergency situations at all, and it was normal.
On the money of the Russian people, the Russian Power maintains a not-so-small staff of the Institute for Forecasting the Future. Over the entire history of its existence, this Institute has gobbled up a lot of popular rubles, but one American named Bill Gates predicted a military invasion of a viral disaster completely free of charge and called on to prepare for this war. This well-known fact has shown even to the blind the quality of the current Russian Power and its followers.
+++++ ............................. Gut S. Sotnik ....
Top definitely!
remember how Vector boasted that they had a vaccine when it just started in China ... it was already clear to everyone who created the virus
99.9% vector stuff.
They wanted to sow only in Europe (so that like a wang) wildlings believe in such nonsense, they love nonsense about the supernatural.
The gebne manuals were prescribed along the way back in the 90s.
But something went wrong .........
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ < br /> Agree Completely Alexander .... there are more questions than answers ....... and the version is interesting .....
When will they hang all the enemies of the people with their families and friends on the posts?
You will pay for all your atrocities with your existence!
Thank you !!!!
It's really scary to think what will happen next: - (((
There is money but you hold on !!!
Pynya rocked before, rocked a virus.
👍 Respect !!!
Like !!! 👍
And we have all been ill, we have immunity not only to clerks.
As always, acutely, precisely, on the topic of the day. I love these issues of yours, thank you very much for your work. I am always looking forward to your health.
It's a tough intrigue.
To the inappropriate in politics, a politician has already knocked on the door ...
given the level of our medicine, the state of the city economy and the absence of disinfection from the virus, you cannot hide by "self-isolation", and you cannot hide. This is a virus, his mother!)))
Yes! Let’s ask, who did it?)))
about the corpses is definitely a test!
I disagree, the restrictions must be lifted, otherwise the business will die and the population will die many times more from hunger than from a virus.
The whole infection is from a gritty shit !!! Ghouls ebn !!
Why should a person be afraid of that and will die ...
Oil condition knocked down to zero
The final bill will have to be presented to the vaccine lover - Bill Gates - this is obvious
The harvest will begin when the economic consequences of the quarantine measures begin. That's when most countries in the world will understand.

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Врач пощупал мой живот. Вы уже беременны на четвертом году жизни. Я не гей. Давно к маме. Хотела огурцы. Врач с мурлом мертвеца. Вы родите не хуже остальных. Ненавистный секс. Смотрел на бледного меня. В тебе открылась язва. Пользуюсь граблями.
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Здесь размещены ваши видео статьи и записи трансляций. Это не мой сайт, чекисты сделали. Они всегда так работают. Я просто махнул стаканом и теперь отвечу на все ваши вопросы. Все остальные сайты фейковые, созданные на Лубянке.
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