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The writer and politician Alina Vitukhnovskaya gave a detailed answer to the question why, in her opinion, even in spite of the already printed edition of "Spets-Constitution", it is necessary to take part in Putin's plebiscite. In her opinion, the population is amorphous and mentally exhausted, and needs the help of psychologists or psychotherapists, and Putin's "vertical" is reeling with an already tangible amplitude.

Who is a lawyer? Putin? Do not surprise me - an athlete with a C grade, who was a student of the law faculty of Leningrad State University, who entered there primarily as an athlete, and a graduate of Leningrad State University was not an intelligence officer in Germany, but only the manager of the Officers' House in Dresden. Juris, damn it. Then I am also a couturier education allows me to call myself that.

Alexander, can you expand the circle of invited guests? we have already heard the opinion of this madame. scientists would be invited, Russian-speaking foreigners, famous emigrants from Russia - there are many options. polling the opinions of the same people does not give an overall picture of what is happening, at least this picture will not be so complete.

Something some kind of muddy this person ... She behaves like a princess, lifting her head arrogantly, while she does not offer anything concrete, but she criticizes everyone who is trying to do at least something. The revolution does not suit her, the rallies in her opinion are senseless and dangerous. What do you need then? Will it happen somehow?

How can non-epidemiologists and non-virologists talk about coronavirus? Viruses were, are and will be. Listen to our experienced scientists, eptdemiologists and virologists. This infection is a type of ARVI. And psychopandemia caused a stressful situation in ignorant people and, along with the so-called self-isolation, undermined the immunity of many. The tests that are conducted are not standardized and therefore cannot be reliable. Everyone forgot about mortality from oncology, tuberculosis, HIV, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Maybe they also need to be reported to the public every day?

Alina's mistake is that she compares the boycott in the rule of law and the boycott in the regime of usurpation of power by bandits, we do not have a state-citizen relationship, we have an organized criminal group and we are all hostages, you cannot vote when it is known in advance that our votes are not taken into account, the result is drawn without taking votes into account, and turnout means acceptance of the rules of the game and recognition of the legitimacy of the so-called president.

People are simply tired of being afraid, tired of sitting at home, this is a kind of protest against prohibitions. A person is still a free person, no matter how they talk about his servility, hence the behavior of people without masks and gloves. I am certainly not a prophet, but everything that is done to intimidate the people will trigger a backlash and the revolution will not wait long. It is not the opposition that will start, but the common people who have been overwritten for so long. Brezhnev also "wrote" "Small Land", and so did Putin.

I haven't played enough morel in childhood. There are no victories and are not foreseen, but so wants to bask in the glory of the Great Soviet commanders, so EVERY year he celebrates a certain "victory", throwing into the wind the remnants of untapped billions, instead of helping the still living veterans and elderly "children war ".

Vote in the box "NO"! Immediately take a photo of the form and immediately post it at home on social networks. The Idea requires an urgent creation of a site for voting photos! Start counting immediately. Showcase data to the world! What square, what calculations: the Kremlin does not care how you vote, wild mystical rites reign there and they need a certain number of people to complete the rite for their infernal practices. So the respected Vitukhnovskaya and Co. persuading them to participate in this Sabbath, at best, are deeply mistaken. Although I consider myself an agnostic, at least twice in my life I have been involved in phenomena that go beyond the cozy rational world.

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