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Putin's breakthroughs without time to swing turned into a total degradation of Russia in 2019. And people went crazy, including the Napoleonic professor-reenactor, and protested, and went to prisons out of despair, and cut each other, and shot their fellow rapists, like Shamsutdinov, and only the bald ball, cut off from the cave reality, did not get tired of stating: how prettier the country was ! How beautiful the makeup on the face of the deceased!

Throughout the year, Putin and his bandits strangled Russia, cleaned and isolated, not forgetting to squeeze money out of it, being sure that she still has a lot of them - you can't shake everything out, but you need to strive for this. But his own accomplices, such as the sensitive Edros Schlegel, are already crawling across the land, anticipating the coming of the last times. The population is really running wild. And it would be okay to stupidly wet each other - but no: they turned their eyes on the untouchables. They are already shooting at the Lubyanka, and the lieutenant colonel of the Russian Guard in Moscow was attacked, and the car of the head of the district administration in the Voronezh region was blown up. And it looks like this is just a timid dotted line: the main line of confrontation between citizens and the regime will be looming in 2020. The population is slowly beginning to understand: “The Kremlin hates us and harasses us by any means. And without declaring war, it is easy to do this, because no one suspects the true intentions. Putinists lie from TV screens, play off people against each other, while they themselves rummage in their pockets and stupidly poison the population - with bad ecology, poisoned food, poison to death ... " may kick up too. Not right away, but Putinism has also been leading him to this action for a couple of decades, because it did not start yesterday ...

The Kremlin, by and large, has only two tools left: propaganda and police. They even end 2019 with demonstrative searches and arrests. In fact, the whole year the siloviki spent billions of money and fought the protesters, planted and did not let go, dragged and were shocked by the hard rustling of glasses. The country was transformed into a semi-isolated cave, inhabited by terrified blockheads, confident in their own brave greatness and the secret desire of the West to conquer them. It is these sentiments that will heat the Kremlin to a boil for the entire coming 2020. This will be the year of unprecedented Victory Day, the year of the “jubilee old-fashioned battle”. To the point of nausea and vomiting, to the point of exhaustion - die yourself, but remember your grandfather. Better yet, die tomorrow, because the war is on the doorstep, and the grandfathers have not finished fighting, because the West lives on, and it must be bombed. We have already trained in Syria, now is the time to raise the bar. Give us the ruins of Washington! And the defeated Eiffel Tower too - give it!

Putin needs a lifelong power, without it he is a stinking corpse, so all his whistle-brethren are dancing around Lukashenka, who breaks like an elderly virgin. This is a dangerous game, and the "dad" himself understands this: the bandits, they will kill to hell, they are not the first time. Think of Kaczynski's plane. But Luka is the same as Putlo, only collective farms and smaller, which does not cancel the dictatorial essence. Nevertheless, for the first time, the cunning dad decided to hide behind Pompeo's chest - suddenly it will give a ride, and Washington's demands will not be as murderous as those of brotherly neighbors, more reminiscent of an invitation to execution? ..

But Putin needs Belarus. It is desperately needed, and it seems that in 2020 he will cross all the "red lines" in order to get what he wants. Fortunately, the imperial plebs will be inflamed by the "old-fashioned war", and it will be possible for him to boldly put into his head the need to unite with "White Russia", which, after all, is white, but it is Russia, which means it is ours! .. Who is there against the "Russian the world "? Come out one by one or in a whole group, and stand up against the wall, treacherous column! ..

The madness of the Pleshführer is already noticeable. Every day, his inadequacy manifests itself either in discussions about the Poles who provoked Hitler to start World War II, then in conversations about worms and snails, then in figures announced at press conferences and meetings. The parallel universe of a crooked mirror informs the world through the mouth of Putin about incredible economic successes. The main success, according to delirious, was the creation of a good macroeconomic base for development. “This is a unique result. There was nothing like this in our modern history! " - concluded the All-good and prepared for the ascension.

Instead of stabilizing the natural decline in population, Russia got its jump to a new 11-year record (almost 300 thousand people in 10 months). This is the rate of catastrophic extinction. Non-resource non-energy exports instead of growth are reduced to 210 billion per year. The poverty level, according to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, will be 12.5% ​​instead of 12%. The industry that is not related to the raw material pipe has already de facto slipped into a recession: the output in mechanical engineering and metallurgy is sharply reduced. Against the backdrop of contraction in domestic demand, manufacturers are cutting prices at a record level since 2008. Reduced commercial cargo transportation, reduced demand for labor. And these are only economic breakthroughs into the Underworld. But there is also a chain of events that happened as a result of previous systemic decisions: the sinking of Losharik and the catastrophe near Severodvinsk, burning taiga, drowning Tulun, anti-garbage protests and the infernal stubbornness of officials, in spite of importing "uranium tailings" from Europe to Russia. The country is being dragged from civilization into a gloomy cave. An explosion of violence and an outbreak of lawlessness, savagery and madness await her there. They say that if God wants to punish - he deprives a person of reason. It looks like the verdict will come into force in 2020.

Keep your eyes on, open them wider. Watch and memorize what punishment follows this sum of inhuman sins. You have never seen anything like this ...

If only there were no war bitches, you do not scold Putin, he let me see what kind of bitches you are. on the nose, tall, again a wave of suicide, young people for 3 rubles are recorded by older youth, the generation of the USSR is dying, quietly, 2020 PISETS. Belarus, I don't want you to suffer the same fate, don't let nits plunder your land, I wish you all the best! How hard it is for the common people to live. Young guys are lying around in the subway, dirty, hungry and unhappy. The face of the bum has become very young, and these are somebody's children, brothers. Sisters ... And you don't need to turn back your well-fed snout ... fate is a villain.

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