The last act of Putin's sect - Chubais

Historian and philosopher Igor Chubais suggested that the world is observing the last days of post-Soviet Russia. The adherents of Putin's totalitarian sect doom themselves to extinction through degradation, the consequences of epidemics and man-made disasters that are already taking place.

I talked to people. The only verdict is the diagnosis of complete schizophrenia and degradation. Some talk on TV they said we should live for voting, others boycott like a sofa with a refrigerator is more familiar, and still others are like sheep on pain of dismissal. What's in people's heads? They eat into it. And I think more and more, but who is the Russian? Yes, in the comments we are all handsome, to film how the cops beat one and the rest are watching, the heroes are only on the blockade. You can throw poison at me here..

At least Ramzan Kadyrov says openly that he wants to see Putin in power to the grave, and does not hide it behind the fascist-Putin amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, such as marriage between a man and a woman, and this is in the World of the 21st century, where marriage is a union of two people , and everything else is fascism! ))

Lately there have been too many pessimistic hints that there will be a big war. 1 . The new constitution, which is being adopted due to the fact that one of the amendments says that Russia will not abide by international law (with such rhetoric, a war will obviously go), 2. Putin's new law on the use of nuclear weapons. 3. All kinds of statements by Putin. In short, everything is very bad and alarming, it is dangerous to leave him in the Kremlin, and about nuclear weapons this is generally the worst thing. ....

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