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Culture Minister Medinsky said that if "Joker" was shot in Russia, the film would not have received the support of the Ministry of Culture. The budget of non-tense cinema was $ 55,000,000, and the premiere screenings have already brought in income in the amount of $ 741,318,680. But the Ministry of Culture allocated 52 million rubles for the film "Z @ Drot's Diary". What is the minister - so is the cinema: based on the organizer Medinsky. Meanwhile, the money allocated from the state budget to finance the production of films - and this is about 5 billion rubles, simply settled in offshore and on the accounts of shell companies. The Accounting Chamber came to this conclusion. Almost no one has seen more than half of the films financed by the Ministry of Culture and the Cinema Fund: out of 155 films shot since 2015, 80 had less than 10 thousand viewers, that is, they de facto had no rental. And 30 pictures did not have even 1000 spectators. We are dealing with a banal theft of domestic officials, and no hostile "Joker" up the sleeve.

Even the supreme commander-in-chief plays without the Joker, whose press secretary, with a blue eye, declares that Putin will not comment on the "special case" of private Shamsutdinov, who shot eight people near Chita. It turns out that this is a "special case". As if the guy himself pinned himself into a PMC of some Wagner and "screwed up" there. But after all, the Motherland called him: he recognized him as sane, shaved and supplied him with a machine gun. But the Russian army, which had adopted all the most disgusting features of the Soviet army, went into deaf ignorance with all its checking commissions, which gave the conclusion: “No hazing, everything was within the framework of the Charter, but the fact that Shamsutdinov shot a soldier like partridges is his personal conflict with the killed officer. " Indeed: what does Putin have to do with it? And in a military unit in Kozelsk (Kaluga Region), a 21-year-old soldier Sergei Safonov was found hanged in the office of the unit commander. There is every reason to believe that it was not a suicide, but a murder by colleagues. So, the score is 1: 1. They were hanged until Safonov became like Shamsutdinov. And maybe worse: the military unit belongs to the strategic missile forces ...

But with regards to missiles - Putin has something to do with it. These toys he loves to swing, sticking out of his bastard hole. The Russian Ministry of Defense will begin flight design tests of the newest liquid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) RS-28 "Sarmat" at the beginning of 2020. The initial stage of testing provides for two missile launches with a mass-size model of a warhead from a silo at the Plesetsk cosmodrome, total at least five launches are planned. Our nuclear "Joker" is not appeased: he desperately needs to present the world with a real flying nightmare, after which, according to the blackmailer's plan, the West must become compliant. Putin's task is to get Crimea recognized as Russian and to nullify the sanctions. So far, we only had to demonstrate militaristic cartoons and urgently wash out the disfigured underwear near Severodvinsk. New tests of the incinerating "Wishlist" of the Kremlin warriors are a serious reason to strain for all mankind, because no one knows: what will the stubborn testers stuff this waffle with, will it take off or not, and even if it will take off, will it crash, to whom will God send?

This is probably what our great strategist was thinking about when he unveiled a monument to his "teacher" Primakov, the father of the terrorist monkeys conceived in the Lubyanka? It was then that the Americans sent either to hell, or to the gurias, another "Islamic statesman" al-Baghdadi. But in the African direction, after the summit with the distribution of billions, there was such a breakthrough that as many as the heads of mercenaries from PMC Wagner flew. On October 27, comrades from Mozambique, clearly not appreciating the peacekeeping efforts of the "white leader", ambushed and shot a convoy with Prigozhin's pets, after which they beheaded them. A little earlier, several dozen Russian mercenaries were killed in Libya. Deadly embrace of African friends to the grave.

Meanwhile, ordinary Russians can only think about the afterlife. The debt burden of Russians peaked since 2012. Loans were taken by 40 million people. Moreover, most of these loans are for clothing and food. The debt burden began to grow since the end of 2017, mainly due to consumer loans, not mortgages. So the Kremlin gang knocks money out of citizens. No light, no hope for life! The number of doctors has decreased in 54 regions of Russia. In Buryatia and the Novosibirsk region, their number has decreased by half. Oncaspar, a drug necessary for the treatment of acute lymphocytic leukemia, has disappeared in Russia. In Russia, lymphocytic leukemia affects about 2000 people a year, most of them children. But if the country is ruled by the undead, you can forget about life in this territory. The country is turning into a place to die. Everything for her: the import of nuclear waste, and the closure of hospitals, and the construction of temples - so that they believe more and strive for their fictional paradise.

Here is the verdict of a state bandit addressed to every Russian: “You, bitch, want to live? - but you won't. And I may not want to, but I will. And I will live well, and you will either go to heaven, or just die. That's how you like it better, I don't give a damn. "How is Rogozin, with a cracked face with happiness, belched out:" The only one who can be without specialized education in the rocket and space industry is the general director of Roscosmos. Did everyone understand everything? This means that they were stealing, and they will steal more. And no one will go anywhere: neither Rogozin with Shoigu, nor Bortnikov with Patrushev, nor Medvedev with Putin. And who will go where, if the same Shoigu's sister works in the State Duma, the eldest daughter is in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the youngest is engaged in projects in the Ministry of Defense, and the son-in-law is completely deputy. Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. So they will bury you in tens, hundreds of thousands, and in millions they will bury you. And finally, before killing them, their smiling godfather will tell you a joke about your grandmother or about Schubert's sores. Or about the intimate life of worms. And he will smile at you with a kind grin of the Joker.

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