Smells of Troubles - Alexander Sotnik

In Russia, over the past day, according to official data, in which no one believes, 8,572 new patients with coronavirus have been identified, of which 2,332 are in Moscow alone. The internal directive in the Kremlin reads: “Of course, we are sick, but not much. The numbers should be manageable, because this is a political matter, we still have many intermediate tasks to retain power, and no sacrifices will stop us. " The Kremlin is more likely to bury half of the population and say that this is not a "crown", but an exacerbation of concomitant chronic diseases. Why now? - and the devil knows them. Coincidentally. And one should not attribute the omnipotence to the coronavirus, he is not such a mass murderer. And they will believe. Russia is a country of victorious ignorance, it is full of adherents of the flat earth theory, which rests on three elephants and one turtle. So, more than 23 percent consider the pandemic a stupid invention of stakeholders. Another 10 percent of respondents believe that the risk is exaggerated.

This result was shown by a poll in Moscow, which was attended by 7,600 people. Manage such - I don't want to! This is a lifelong indulgence to rule for any dictator! And how not to beat them after that from surging feelings?

The most freedom-loving will be purposefully killed. How Mokhnatkin was soaked. A man lived and lived, and here in 2010 he stood up for a woman on Triumfalnaya Square in Moscow. Accidentally passed by, even did not participate in the action, and saw how the nasty "garbage" cruelly knits a woman. I could have passed by, but my conscience would not allow. And this was the point that turned his whole life. Of course, he was condemned, but then the "dear sir Medvedev" arrived and freed Mokhnatkin. And here he would have stopped, but the thirst for justice and the taste of freedom have already turned the head of a man who began to appear regularly at protest rallies, and in 2014 he went on a relapse, thrusting his fist into the patch of a humanoid pig in the colonel's shoulder straps. And the lizardman remembered everything, he did not forget anything and did not forgive. 4.5 years in a maximum security penal colony, and then another 11 months "for insulting the FSIN officers", a broken spine and - have a walk, Seryozha, if you can. After leaving the colony in 2018, Mokhnatkin did not live even two years. He died on 28 May 2020 from complications caused by multiple fractures of the spine. He died, but did not break. But his place will not remain empty. And now the beast-lizard "sews" several criminal cases for the creator of the public "Police Ombudsman" Vladimir Vorontsov. This system is taking revenge over the entire area of ​​the little tips, which it itself has planned, and is about to outline more. State Duma Deputy Alexei Zhuravlev proposed to supplement the Criminal Code of Russia with an article for "falsifying historical facts about the causes and results of World War II." Soon, for the mention of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the defense of Stalin's merits in the division of Europe into a pair with Hitler, it will be possible to risk the conditional freedom of the escort. Remember this name: Alexey Zhuravlev. Red-brown nits in a building on Okhotny Ryad, born in Voronezh in 1962; a political whore who has gone through the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and rode through the brothel beds of "Fair Russia", "United Russia" and Rogozin's cot "Rodina". This political syphilitic will put in prisons everyone who does not want to be strung like a shish kebab on the militaristic skewer of Putin's "vertical". Do not offend the beast-lizard with deliberate disobedience, he may take offense and send the humanoid doctor Myasnikov to you.

Which is better than the "Second Wave" of the coronavirus or the "Fifth Wave" of Putin?

As long as you do not oppose the regime, you are not dangerous and hardly interesting for the system. Crawl in your muzzle and don't stink. You can even borrow money from microfinance organizations that have spread like a fungus across the country. But even here the data hint at an imminent crisis of non-payment of debts. As a result of non-working April, clients were more than 90 days overdue in repayments on 4.5 million loans - more than 40% of their total number. Experts predict an increase in delinquency up to 50%. Presumably, they are being cautious, because the economic situation will only get worse. According to the Ministry of Economic Development, in April, due to the introduction of restrictions against the background of a pandemic, fell by 12%. On the other hand, what should be more afraid of: the "second wave" of the coronavirus or the "fifth wave" of Putin? This "nullifier" will not spare anyone, will hold on to the last, break the back of the whole country.

In April alone, Russian banks exported 4.6 tons of gold abroad, which is 15% more than in March. In two months, banks sold 8.6 tons of bullion to foreign clients, which they have been actively saving in safes over the past two years. Gold reserves in banks have been declining for the sixth month in a row: since November, 17 tons of precious metal have been exported. Sberbank became the largest and de facto only seller at the end of April, from which 5.5 tons were consumed. The total gold reserves of the largest state bank of the Russian Federation fell by 37.7%. Moreover, Sberbank has been actively selling gold since last fall. Gref is following the order. Liners with ingots are slowly leaving for London. Since April, at least once a week, a special flight has been organized for the prompt delivery of gold and silver bars from Russia to the UK. Moreover, export is carried out both by banks and subsoil users. At the same time, the Mishustin Government issues general export licenses to mining companies, de facto opening the doors to the export of all gold mined in the country. There is an active rustling in the bins and bottom bins. Cargoes of antique Faberge jewelry worth about $ 50 million were delivered from Russia to Panama. It is Vekselberg, on the sly, is withdrawing his assets, rolling his eggs "over the hill" ...

The beast-lizard is grouped, removing the special mafia means from under the blow, as in its time - the "gold of the KPSS". "Grassroots plebs" will begin to rush about chaotically this fall. It's time to clean up and take out everything that is possible, until the enraged element burned down the estates along with stolen paintings and spattered table silver. It smells of confusion. Red rooster wakes up.


After the fall of the USSR, the country did not heal with European or American life, but only froze its miserable existence for some 20 years. China rushed like no one dreamed of, and the population of the country was simply robbed of 20 years of life, and now they want to take the whole life of our children! The grandfathers conquered, the power robbed, we ... bali!

After the fall of the USSR, the country did not heal with European or American life, but only froze its miserable existence for some 20 years. China rushed like no one dreamed of, and the population of the country was simply robbed of 20 years of life, and now they want to take the whole life of our children! The grandfathers conquered, the power robbed, we ... bali!

Alexander, today I retired from the vatsap community of a small eco-food store in Zvenigorod . Today, active correspondence between the owner of the chat and several clients distracted me from business and I began to watch with interest what these mothers share with each other. This is p. They threw links to Chetverikova's videos about digitalization, about what they want to enslave the Russian Federation in this way. Videos from the channel Stalingrad, TV Day, Constantinople ... That amendments on the priority of domestic law over international law will help to achieve sovereignty, because now we are like a colony, but if the amendments are adopted, then life will urgently improve. And when I asked the question, where are you ladies going to complain if your rights or the rights of organizations are violated in the Russian Federation? To which I was told that lawyers need wealthy clients, and they, poor fellows, have no money for international courts and in general in the Hague (!) They only award something to oligarchs. When I said that a decent lawyer would disdain to discuss these so-called amendments, and that it would be nice to have a legal education for a start, and in the 3-4 year of the same Moscow State Law Academy they will explain the importance of international law to you, I was told that if you want to live here, then you need to do something, accept society as it is, and leave your disgust to yourself. These are the things .... Correctly say, you cannot argue with fools. They brought me to shaking and to tears. Klushi stupid, the head is such a mess that it's already scary. They are all mothers ...

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