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What nonsense, after all, such sanctions were given to Russia and Russian personalities over the Crimea that we all didn’t think a little, + dollar, + all the "attacks on Rossiyushka" from the EU and NATO for various reasons. And for the Baltics, NATO will do it and fall apart ... What nonsense ... Faster the Nightingale will take off and sing, than this will happen. For the Baltics, we will have a dollar for 1,000 rubles, all accounts will be arrested, all the bourgeois children will be thrown out from abroad back to their homeland, all families will be deported, they still have no benefit there, even influence on the economies of countries and the budget ... Well, this is a drop in the ocean, there are many, but not trillions. Then for a month the swift will be turned off and hello) In vain I turned on the vidos, I was led to clickbait. I never listened to these balabols, except for Potapenko, and now regretted it. I did not learn anything new, the schizo says obvious things...

I once listened to both The Centurion , and the Nightingale, But now these two jokes are tired. They are no different from the propogandos on TV. One is embittered, like Soloviev, and the second broadcasts the devil, smiling. Something that this bald crow croaks all the time the same thing and the world is worth nothing .... It is enough to pay attention to the marasmatics of the puile, how irritating it speaks and threatens everyone and everything, it means that he / she is losing with a bang. Well, let the bald crow croak, he needs to eat somehow.

Very strong. Although, one question was still not asked. How does Dr. Nightingale connect all this with the political processes in the United States? The NATO debauchery is too serious. If you say that Putin himself will leave, then where? Weed a vegetable garden in the country? And all the people will forget about all his dirty tricks? We will walk, of course, the whole country, we will tear three button accordions, but I’m not sure that we will not ask the question - where will we judge the dictator and who will carry out the sentence?

All that BB has against Lukashenka is a special operation by the FSB. But it works so sloppy. And Lukashenka has his own FSB. The current operation of the FSB to deprive Lukashenka of power is already failing. The nightingale begins to bore. Almost the same thing in every program. Verbiage and demagoguery. One gets the impression that he smokes something to his mute. There is no need to have such neighbors-friends as the Russian Federation and enemies! The Russian aggressor Putin, Patrushev have reinvented themselves as emperors, but everything has its logical end! And the Nightingale sings too much!

Ek was dreaming Nightingale Already bent over Lukashenka. Kuku Maku. Incorrect assessment of the balance of power. Lukashenka has already chopped off the Russian tentacles in Belarus. Lavrov came to negotiate. In my personal conviction, the parade and voting are needed by our elite so that the epidemic is guaranteed to survive and even grow. The state's resources are running out, then there will be massive protests and the epidemic will be a reason to close everyone down again.

Songs of the Nightingale ... turned out to be "songs. And just. And that Russia, will ruin NATO, this is from a series of Smehopanorama! Russia itself can fall apart from internal economic and political contradictions, and Nightingale ... does not take these problems into account." And if the investigation on the Malaysian Boeing is released from the brakes, then this world is not worth a damn ...! Our long-suffering people of the country will endure this fear for two more years, the bald morel of the Gestapo dictator ??? What are you talking about, V. Nightingale? ?? Are you kidding the people ??? Yes, there will be practically no people left by 2022. Everyone will be vaccinated, microchipped.

Well, what do you want if the president beat a rat to death as a child, which he himself told about, which at the last moment threw itself at him. Who is he? Can such a person be humane, loving people, if he slaughtered an animal that cannot answer him with anything, except to rush to save himself. Well, only an aggressive nonentity can kill an animal.

Do I understand the Nightingale correctly ??? Putin decides to play roulette, when he tries to seize the Baltic countries, he will receive a soup, the regime will fall and the beginnings of a normal life will come ??? Normal life I call freedom of speech, the revival of science, medicine, education and etc., increasing the well-being of people. My idea is expressed in two sentences, but I think you understand what I mean.

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