Rebelliously thinking toilet - Sasha Sotnik

Russia has turned into a large cesspool, where a "secondary product" is accumulated, which is produced by a rapidly degrading society. Ekaterina Shulman, a coach of political coprophages, teaches how to properly absorb this substance. Being confident that it is necessary to consume it, he declares: "If you do not come, you do not influence the result." In her distorted understanding, the main thing in this matter is the process. You can salt, pepper or season this muck with mayonnaise, but you must come to the meal. A kind of voluntary self-rape with a light filing of bespectacled professors. And then she will tell you how to correctly sit on a bottle of champagne. Or on a mop. Tell me honestly: are you still nauseous or already twisting? What a Jesuit substitution of concepts: “come and say no to the ongoing lawlessness!”

But crimes are suppressed in a completely different way, and often - with the use of force in order to surely neutralize the criminal. The bandits are not rendered harmless by words and admonitions. But in the logic of common sense, the highbrow servants of the fascists see only calls for "the violent overthrow of the state system." Shumela Shulman, Katz caved in, and Chikatilo smiled.

Our rebelliously thinking toilet closes, and if you want to stop pinching and cutting your eyes as soon as possible, you will have to open them wider and start breathing deeply in order to quickly get used to this stench. Fight off the sense of smell completely, otherwise you will sit in three deaths and vomit without ceasing. Outside the toilet, the outline of the structure being built in Russia is clearly visible, with a perverse triumph of the Stalinist Empire style. And inside - the inhabitants of "double" with all the inevitability covers the ideology of a fatalist-suicide: come what may. If you are destined to die, then this cannot be avoided. It is probably better to suffocate in vapors of miasms than to drown in this stinking sewer. Some philosophers do not see the difference and are happy to swim in all this, every minute discovering more and more attractive sides in this occupation. I dived - held my breath - emerged - made sure that I was alive - and realized that not everything is so scary as some sissies describe. We live on and rejoice, shimmering with all shades of brown.

Before the upcoming special elections, Putin's closest sworn colleague - Lukashenko - is going to desperate aggravation. If for a St. Petersburg baldhead diving into a zeroing vat with shit is just an illusory attraction designed for an impressionable liberda, for a bulbo-dictator "re-election" is a special operation fraught with political traumatism. The squabble with Gazprom is a desperate attempt to weaken the Kremlin’s influence at a time when Putin is willing to pay, betting on weakening Lukashenka. It doesn't matter to him who to pay, and the money flows like a river. Any scenario is good: “Luka is losing, the people are rising, the opposition is calling fraternal tanks”; "Luka is winning, the people are rising, but brotherly tanks are ready to help." Putin is tired of Lukashenka, he is sick of the agility of a smart-ass collective farmer, he dreams of joining his “sister-Belarus”, embracing the jailer in his strong arms. After "zeroing", he needs new geopolitical achievements. The Crimean euphoria has passed, and in order for the cat to be thrown into it, it is necessary to conquer a qualitatively different level. For example, the takeover of Belarus. The expectation that Europe will bulge its eyes will express concern, but will not dare to interfere, because “dictators devour each other - the forelocks of slaves crackle.”

In which direction Putin's military thought will develop is anyone's guess. The Kremlin and the General Staff have already worked out a dozen plans to "collect Soviet lands" with varying degrees of audacity - up to a clash with NATO in the Baltic direction. It's just that the coronavirus has confused all the cards, although in a sense this phenomenon has also been turned to its advantage - in terms of driving the population into a zone of extreme obedience. Now all the achievements in creating a digital ghetto will be consolidated and developed in the direction of modern totalitarianism - with the attraction of available technologies, to which the egg-headed Chinese will allow the Kremlin degraders. The lessons of the "first wave" have been learned, and now Rospotrebnadzor is already preparing the gloomy plebs for the inevitability of the "second wave". The war on the coronavirus, with eternal rocking on its rebellious waves, is a mental replacement for Oceania's Orwellian war with Eastasia. “The year was 2030, it was stormy, the twelfth wave of the coronavirus, unprecedented in strength, covered the exhausted Empire, which our old bald boatswain had been leading across the open sea for the fourth decade without a trembling hand.” He is truly omnipotent, and the fierce coronavirus has long served on his parcels. On May 26, 2020, the ex-head of Chuvashia Ignatiev, dismissed by Putin due to a loss of confidence, filed a lawsuit against the dismissal, which was supposed to take place on June 30, but on the 18th Ignatiev urgently died in hospital from coronavirus infection. Remember this mystical incident and do not contradict the bunker-Vovochka until he ate your lungs.

Former US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland wrote in her article that the United States should prevent Putin from cutting off the Russian population from the outside world. And Putin himself, in a personal newspaper published in the States with the money of the SVR, imposed a voluminous heap of fabrications based on the events of the 20th century, where KGB boots walked through the Second World War and the Baltic countries, allegedly voluntarily become part of the USSR, and on other controversial historical issues ... Do not argue with him, for this dispute ends with the deaths of hostages inside Russia and terrorist attacks on the territories of other countries. Germany threatens new sanctions in connection with Khangoshvili's murder? - watch out for new strangulation techniques inside the caulked toilet, and wait for the new adventures of the Mishkin-Chepig. Putin controls terrorists remotely, issuing tough orders to kill anyone who pops out. The logical ending: either the thinking toilet will explode from the inside, splattering the whole world so that it cannot be washed, or the West will finally appreciate this stink and cover it, like a Chernobyl power unit, with a sarcophagus of a total embargo. There is also a third way: to drown the scrubber and clean out the hole. But it is necessary to admit mistakes and begin to act, but you don't want to! Better to wait until it climbs itself. And it will climb - so that no concern is enough…

I agree - Shulman is not dangerous to the Putlerovites. It plays up to the Putler system, although she personally would like to live in normal Russia, and would like it even better. The first number is not far off to wait. I think the iron curtain is more real than the revolution. He will not leave and he will not be removed by the wrong people. Putin's strong adversary is not the Caucasus, which has been gnawing at the entire history of Russia, this is more serious uncle.

Alexander, I can't even imagine at what cost these videos are given to you on Fridays, but it is this cry from the heart that makes them so powerful, piercing through the layers of protective layers of unwillingness to see the truth and pull your head out of the sand. Thanks you! The centurion! Why didn't he mention the Nightingale? He's the one who drowns for the appearance. Do you want to say anything to him? Is the intestine weak? After all, the Nightingale guarantees tens of thousands of views, of course. They rule and are boundless "thanks" to your cowardice and indifference. And if on July 1 they vote for Pu again and he remains in power, Russia will be completely over..

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