Putin is waiting for a miracle - Solovey

Political scientist Valery Solovey gave an exclusive interview to the Sotnik TV website, talking about the plans of the "bunker-Fuhrer". According to the expert, Putin is forced to declare a relaxation of the self-isolation regime and hope for a miracle - while the epidemic is literally devouring the population of Russia.

A dwarf with steel eggs, a knight without fear and reproach, good-looking, smart, with a fine bitch fucking sense of humor - die! Putin trampled down Russian civilization and mixed it with shit! He and his oligarch friends spent the time when it was necessary to get off the oil needle, but they continued to pump money, but then in an instant everything collapsed.

To avoid chaos when the old system is broken, a ready-made shadow, new government is needed. Interestingly, some work is being done in this direction. Alexander, if you are reading these comments, can you somehow raise this issue in the raging one?

Alexander, why did you miss Nightingale's words about the cure for coronavirus so quickly? You are clearly told not a vaccine but a MEDICINE! Why didn’t you focus on this phrase? How is that?

Putinoid and his gang of jackals of bandits reketers tererizing tormenting, stripping to cowards, mocking his people, a cruel retribution awaits. But I don't believe in the coronavirus, here I understand why you are pushing a stick to this side, well, let it be on your conscience in your city, not one who did not hear that someone died from coronavirus. And many such as Plamena Paskov and many others who know the whole truth about this planned operation of world Zionism under the leadership of this bastard, one of the instigators of Bil Geyts.

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