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When the people understand the power does not belong to either the president or parliament, but owns the power and natural resources to citizens who destroyed the country in 91 and still retains control over all branches of government. Alexander is definitely not needed in Russia! The crocodile will eat you !!! We'd better come to you, it is possible that soon.

Astrakhan. 5-12-2019. At eleven o'clock I walked past the TSUM department store. This is the city center. Nearby are members of the Chekist-terrorist, Putin-fascist community, the National Liberation Movement, collecting signatures for the restoration of the national-territorial borders of Russia. These signatures are intended for V. Putin. That is, Putin's fascists are calling on him start a war for the annexation of the territories of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Baltic states. Here it is the true "face" of the fascist, criminal-occupational, Chekist-terrorist regime, which can give people nothing but war. Take care of Yourself.

A patient, frightened zombie slave nation will pay for everything and vzglatnot. Proven by time. This wretched government uses this as well as the whole country and everyone. There is a feeling that in recent years it is not so much the speck that holds the power as the power does not let go of the speck, like vodka does not let go of the drunk.

We are watching all your broadcasts with my husband !! Thank you so much for your brave work !!! But among our friends and relatives and not so - a swamp, even a quagmire ... Some examples are given, the arguments are stupid, it never ceases to amaze the fact that we studied with them according to the same programs, lived in the same country, and views diverged to the size of an abyss ... We are pensioners, we have been in Europe and America, Russia really sucks, and first of all, in terms of the level of consciousness of the population, and not depending on the level of education ... We think that Russia doomed to a shameful existence, and even to disintegration under the screams of greatness and a special way, and then - ,,,,,, all over again ..... and so on ad infinitum ...

Siberia is a testing ground, the forests are burning, then the flood, now the clouds of incomprehensible white smoke, when will these pseudo-breakthroughs end .... Why the Kremlin creatures do what they want .. Because they know that they will not be punished. .. Because of impunity and appetites are growing ... Serebryakov was right - rudeness, lies and theft ... Dirty spetsukha works, they are not at all engaged in high-quality personnel training, and the Germans did a good job, they immediately caught him and dug up the inside story.

Ernst you are not a zootechnician. He is a subject of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain. For him, the topic of Brexit is closer and closer, and rush is a program In the world of animals, where he does a lot of money. This species has not yet evolved, changed in appearance, but still has not become a man. It's a pity, of course, but a lot of time is still needed for civilization to correct this mistake of nature, or maybe this is not a mistake, just one of the development cycles. No, it's just an old truck stuck and skidding in fertile black soil.

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