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You are talking such nonsense. There will be no riot in Russia. One of the most powerful power blocs on the planet, guarding law and order in the Russian Federation. The guys are fed with batons, uncoated, with the slightest disobedience, they will fly along the ridge instantly). And this is the lightest punishment, and then such a list will not seem a little, and a thigh in the head, handcuffs and into the paddy wagon from acceleration, the court and the zone, and in the torture zone you can choose from sleep deprivation to supplying electricity to different parts of the body. After such a person ceases to be a person, if he survives, otherwise they can write off. It's easier than drinking a glass of tea in the zone.

Alexander, do not humiliate the Russians. Not everyone has the opportunity to leave the country. Many accept the conditions that are offered. Not everyone has the courage and sacrifice to oppose the punitive machine. Here lives and destinies are broken.

This survey HAS quite a sociological status! The second - no one will go anywhere with protests! Born to crawl and at the most to film themselves on their knees, begging the bastard to help them take off, they cannot because of the lack of what they take off on! Alexander and you like and respect. You are growing professionally and growing very well!

I'm very sorry! Didn't watch the video until the final! Mr. Sotnik, simply, drives! The more you check, the more infected! This is what Mr. Sergei is doing - Beldy, Semeonovich! What's next ?! Hospitalized in Moscow, dead, where are they? Sobyanin, himself, his, specifically, outlines, in his nonsense! The question of what! Another "nonsense".

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Врач пощупал мой живот. Вы уже беременны на четвертом году жизни. Я не гей. Давно к маме. Хотела огурцы. Врач с мурлом мертвеца. Вы родите не хуже остальных. Ненавистный секс. Смотрел на бледного меня. В тебе открылась язва. Пользуюсь граблями.
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