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The New Year has arrived, and I want to start with something festive, spiritually uplifting. For example, like this. Nadezhda Bartosh, a resident of the Moscow Region, became the first Russian woman to win 1 billion rubles in the Russian Lotto lottery. The happy owner of a billion rubles will probably no longer have to break through to the deputy Zhirinovsky, who handed out banknotes on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. And after all, no one shoved the thousandth bill into his filthy mouth - everyone took it and smiled. Yes, invalids, yes, abandoned orphans, yes, slaves. Well, who else? Can you imagine that somewhere in Europe a current politician would allow himself something like that? However, she's pampered, where does she care about the harsh customs of the "Russian world"! ..

Look into the presidential burkala, filled with inescapable longing during the minutes of the Christmas service! After all, how many sins were forgiven in the company of the elders of the Pskov-Caves monastery! And the sins were such that the whole cave pounded against the holy pieces of wood, and now, they say, some otherworldly knowledge was revealed to our genius, from which the mind cleared up and even the bald spot shone in a special way. And then the Iranian exacerbation arrived in time, and it was possible to be promoted as a heavy political flea, galloping across the Middle East region in search of a peace that again hangs in the balance. He rode, but it all ended corny: he again opened the valve in an embrace with Erdogan. Turning the valve is what Putin does best. Launching all sorts of oil and gas flows, cutting ribbons, looking through binoculars and hounding vulgar jokes - this cannot be taken away from him, here he is an unsurpassed pro. And now, having jumped up, our strategist arrived on the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov - the one that just recently rammed the shores of the Bosphorus - and watched the threatening launches of his favorite missiles. On Thursday, the warriors, with God's help, launched the cruise-bearing "Caliber" and the hypersonic aeroballistic missile "Dagger", ready to pierce either Heaven or Hell. The exercises were successful, the commander-in-chief, hit against the icon, received a militaristic hyper-orgasm. Now it is possible, blessing, convincingly and supersonicly to promise the Western atheists inexorable incineration.

But it was not only Putin who wiggled his whole body in the post-New Year days. Emerging from the brine, Prime Minister Medvedev materialized and immediately signed a decree on the allocation of federal budget funds for the construction of healthcare facilities in the regions. The funds in the amount of 35.5 billion rubles are planned to be distributed among 46 regions of Russia. Their total amount is 8 times less than was spent on the improvement of Moscow in 2019, 11% less than in 2020 will be spent on the maintenance of the Duma, Federation Council, presidential administration and government, and more than 40 times lower costs for the state defense order. Our God-fearing leader has planned to spend 1.5 trillion rubles on his beloved military. For everything is for paradise, everything is for victory. The fact that Russia ranks 91st in the world in terms of healthcare spending between Niger and Sudan is quite logical. One should not think about health, but about how high the soul will fly off. A year of fire is planned - ask the first ayatollah you come across! ..

And in general: we are preparing for a visit to heaven by all the patriotic-minded team, we are preparing through the anniversary victory. From the "Christmas tree of victory" we crawl to the last nuclear fireworks. The only thing that should not be allowed is confessions. The unconscious is our everything. We are not there and never were. We did not cheat, we only won. It was not we, in an embrace with Hitler, who shared Poland, it was the Poles themselves who brought the possessed Fuhrer "to the handle", damned anti-Semites. And the civilian liner, which recently crashed near Tehran, fell itself. Rocket Tor-1? What rocket? She was not there. Technical accident, engine overheating. And you will not receive any "black boxes". They are not there either, they got lost along with the recordings of the negotiations ...

President Zelenskiy calls for patience while an independent investigation is carried out. But patience is not endless. In Abkhazia, for example, it has already been exhausted. In Sukhumi, after the so-called "elections", held according to Russian templates, the people rebelled and came to the Administration building, after which, without thinking twice, they seized it. Outraged voters demanded to talk with the President of Abkhazia, but Raul Khadzhimba chose to leave the Administration building and hide in his dacha, from where he stated that an attempted coup d'etat was taking place in Sukhumi, promising to consider the introduction of a state of emergency. Now guess twice: what friendly thugs will enter Sukhumi for the sake of establishing "constitutional order" there?

Wherever the foot of the cave "world" sets foot, there immediately begins to grow chaos. Hybrid wars respond with real disasters, and cardboard myth-making falls on the heads of those deceived by all the power of historical retribution for the betrayal of reason. While - on the outskirts of the empire, while - not in the very heart. Although in the building of the Central Bank on Neglinnaya the gas cylinder exploded, but this is the cost of repair work. The cave is plastered - stones are flying. In Ukhta, the oil refinery was slightly "annealed", the burning area of ​​which was 1 thousand square meters. m. They say that something exploded there, although in Russia instead of the word "explosion" they say "cotton". What kind of wild explosive cannonade is heard from all sides? - And this is our clap, long and prolonged, turning into a standing ovation. Don't be alarmed and don't run away: now the audience will start to tear to shreds - it's so spectacular - a miracle, what a show! ..

And then the ruble is getting stronger, as after taking a decoction from oak bark. In 2019, it strengthened by 12.5%, and will continue in 2020. It's just that the Kremlin really needs currency. Passion is needed. The ruble is strengthening while goods and services are becoming more expensive. Economic laws have long ceased to operate here, as well as thieves' concepts. A little more - and the laws of physics will eliminate themselves. Only the leader's “wishlist” works, for the satisfaction of which the entire curved “vertical” is sharpened. And in his bald head, everything flies with hypersound, and emerging from the abyss, hits the target. Our goal is not communism, what nonsense? .. Paradise is coming soon! ..


It looks like everything is heading towards the collapse of the country, alas ... the buildup of weapons should not be to the detriment of other spheres of life in the country, all because of theft. And this billion of winnings was paid to themselves. By the color and smell of the Kremlin organics erupting from the senile cracks, it became clear how they did not like the dish from Sotnik)) This fat-ass bitch did not deserve to win the lard !!!, why was she not killed yet? with such grandmas ??? Pound her !!!, let her share with the poor!

These claps echo growing, claps and the joy of people in Moscow, in 1993 ... You have to pay for everything ... It's just the consequences and a statement of the fact that new generations are not smarter .. I'm just wondering if you have everything would be good, would you also carry the same game? Or would you find something else? For example, you wouldn't release a film about Yanukovych's behavioral actions. Or not about Stepa Bandera. How did he go as a cuckoo? and you shouldn't use it. We don't have much of it.

Zhirik is a "lawyer" by nationality, for him other nationalities "goyas" are not people, "cattle", so he proves, with his handouts, that Russians are "cattle"! Lord, where can I find a philanthropist who will help to move to Georgia !!! With my oncology and my pension at 7600, I can hardly go anywhere except the promised paradise, and there are seven thousand pills, the rest is probably the last

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