On the verge of war - Muzhdabaev

Ukrainian journalist Ayder Muzhdabaev is sure that the votes of Russians for the "updated Constitution" actually give Putin an indulgence to start a big war. He also did not rule out that Putin will start this war in late summer or autumn 2020.

It is the culprit of the chland blood people. Why friends allowed drunk Efremov to drive in a drunken state. And now ooh and ooh. Always interesting and relevant. Interesting interlocutors and topics. Thank you for the lively truthful television, you don't feel yourself in an information vacuum and cut off from the world. Thank you all your wonderful team for the work. But, I do not believe that Putin wants to start a war with someone ... I am against zeroing, but that's all. Than to fight then? Who will go to fight? These are extra fantasies...

Roshal surprised me a lot today. As he said, he barely waited for this happy day to vote! That medicine will change for the better! True, with finances, he said it would be tough! Circus, and nothing more. I have a question - does Interpol accept these documents for the wanted list from the RF IC, or are they wiped with them? If they wipe themselves, then why shouldn't the RF IC not initiate a criminal case against the entire Interpol for negligent performance of official duties?

Yes, after today's vote, Russia is plunging into a return line i.e. into serfdom! Vladimir I, the new Tsar of the Russian Empire. The people of Russia did not go in front, but made a leap back centuries! I'm sorry for the Russian people! Hello from Kazakhstan! We also have a "Nazarbayev sack" with which the People are fighting in the same way!

Remember how Yanych asked you to stop and also some who are Poo bastards and those who are sick of novorosiy themselves are going to meet death. They urgently need to send white slippers and apparently a lot.

Russia is waiting for the collapse, since it is a "random union" of different territories and different peoples with different interests and goals! I am sure that there can be no revolution in Russia due to the absence of Russia as such! Russia is a random amalgamation of very different territories! A variety of people live in these different territories, they have very different interests! The fact that they were united into one state and that they all look at Moscow as the center of this state is an accident and absurdity! This absurdity will be brought into line with reality after some time! People will each live in their region by themselves, and they themselves will determine the parameters of their lives and their future! The most likely scenario is simply a repetition of the events of a century ago, namely: they will fool us for a long time with the "sovereign father" Putin, then at some point the elites will remove him, believing that he is a hindrance and that it will be better without him! And when they remove our portable autocrat, there will be no center of power, no center of decision-making that would be able to replace him.!

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