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Because you scold THEM on different Internet platforms .... nothing will change .. or rather change for the worse for the masses ... we are nothing more than dust for them. Sotnikov agreed to nanotechnology, Medvedev felt sorry for him, but the fact that with these technologies they cripple the lives of children, copy women, make men impotent is that this is fascism and your own, and you bastard Sotnikov.

Hello Alexander. I have long wanted to write. Something you have with the microphone, the problem is on the air. I do not know what is the matter, it is very "pressing" on the ears. Your interlocutors are doing well, Skrepopanorama is also ok. In general, you have to turn down the sound a lot. The most bastard regime in the entire history of mankind lined up, revealed the type of people who, getting rich, serve the organized crime group. Hybridism has already gotten everyone out. When will it collapse?

Alexander, I would gladly support you, but I have an onco, I experienced all the tricks of the social sphere, as a result, a disability pension of 6 thousand with a tail ... there are just a lot of people like me, thank you for watching later. Russia is not recognized only because it leads to the recognition of the outbreak of war in Ukraine. so that a guest comment about Iran's nuclear weapons is nonsense.

Each country has the right to defend its innocence, to arrange a showdown between opponents by specific persons without affecting civilians. Let these leaders and their supporters meet in duels. The world will be cleaner if the reptiles are eliminated pointwise. Alexander, the main thing is to protect yourself and your loved ones - of course everything should work out for you - this is Europe, where the law is on your side, and those who have blood on their hands, let them fight with the dwarf.

You may not like it, but I always write "Old Man" with a capital letter. I respect the veterans of the Second World War, and Afghanistan, and Chechnya. I despise Wagner and the "volunteers" of Donbass. Let those who call coffee "it" write with a capital letter. Alexander! Be careful and try to change addresses. These scum will not stand up for anything, it is enough to recall Litvinenko, Nemtsov, Skripals, a Chechen in Germany and many others that we do not know about. Maybe it's better to leave the Baltic states somewhere further?

23:20 what do you mean "he already has his own channel"? The word "already" is especially interesting. By the way, Zhukov has had his own channel for a long time, and the release dates of his first videos can be easily found, but it's very good to get acquainted with their content. And in general, this phrase somehow very ugly shifts the emphasis and can mislead viewers who heard about Zhukov after the start of the Moscow case.

I don’t understand whether the Centurion became an idiot, or an expert moron? To admit that the Russian Federation, during a military operation, shot down an aircraft belonging to a third party on the territory of another state is even perceived negatively by ear. Moreover, we are not there. Iran shot down the plane, because the plane had to be shot down, period, no one will tell you anything. Geopolitics demands its victims. Blessed memory to all those who died, rest in peace to them.

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