Great nullifier - Alexander Sotnik

The grandmother's organs loomed on the horizon with the prospect of covering the country together with the "lads": it was the grandfather who nullified relations with OPEC and personally with the Saudis. His minister Novak rudely left the negotiations, after which the Saudi prince called Putin, but he did not pick up the phone. And a couple of days later, Putin himself cut off the telephone wires, but the prince never got in touch. More precisely, he kept it unilaterally, informing the world about the fantastic dumping, which was joined by Kuwait, Nigeria and even Iraq. As this is being written, the Saudis have announced a price tag of $ 25 per barrel, but it looks like the oil war is just beginning and there are more sales reports ahead of shock prices. This means that 75 per dollar is not the limit. Both 80 and 100. Default! - how much in this sound. But they warned that Mishustin was just an aged "Kinder Surprise" ...

The timid grandfather, sensing the approach of grandmother's organs, immediately ordered to print out the National Welfare Fund, which, of course, would be devastated very quickly. And the more convincingly the granny is drawn, the more desperate and sharper will Putin's sidekicks "derban" this Fund. They will keep within six months, if not earlier. In terms of theft, the lads are solid Stakhanovites. And with the "zeroing" of the presidency, there was not just a blunder, but a fatal mistake. The guy finally missed reality and decided to intend for himself eternal power at the level of the Lord, not taking into account several factors: coronavirus as a catalyst for the global crisis, nervous Saudis and the fatigue of his own electorate. And when the real famine begins - simply because Russia does not produce anything but criminal show-offs - the very word "Putin" can be shocked in the most "tight" collective. VTsIOM sings about the rating of trust and readiness to vote with legs wide apart, but this is a crude propaganda lie. In fact, Putin's rating is already monstrously low, and systematically "shows negative growth." The overwhelming majority do not care about the leader: "if only they did not touch him and let him devour." Thinking Russians are shocked by the bandit style of governing the country, they are tired of being afraid, lying to themselves and to the whole world. But there is another - dark Russia, on which the Kremlin kid can stake. This is that “deep collector” with a Zon consciousness that was praised by the self-taught ideologist Surkov-Dudaev. Having pumped up the mindless plebs with victory, Putin will try to raise the banner of a militant empire with a call to take what allegedly belongs to the so-called "Russian world". If Putinomics collapses, you can gather a horde of savages and send them to Ukraine to kill and "get trophies." And there is a chance that the "AUE" plebs will take this call as salvation. War makes everyone equal, for there are no privileged in the face of death. The horde of Givi and Motoryl will rush to Ukraine, and, meeting stubborn resistance, they will pray: “Zabombi, Putin! Bomb and clean up! " And the longed-for tactical nuclear strike will be delivered. Not in Kiev, of course (the Fuehrer needs Kiev intact), but in Lvov - easily. This beloved suitcase is worse than a gun hanging on the Moscow Art Theater wall. For 20 years it has been an eyesore and moisturizes a kid's palm: “What happens if you press? It is not for nothing that the fate of the world has been entrusted to me. So why not dispose of them - boldly and decisively? And at the same time to see how Europe will flow liquid, expressing concern…»

Low oil prices have brought down the USSR, and Putin's Russia is a booming train station thief in comparison with the "scoop" that once seemed indestructible. As a result, only this can be repeated by the descendants of the homo-sovieticus: the collapse of the cavernous cave over the entire area. Finally, they can crawl out into this world to make the final murderous raid, in the fire of which they will burn.

In principle, the wolf pack, huddling near the missed godfather, still has the opportunity to unfold the course of history: take superglue and glue the gentle flippers to the leader. But so far, no one has even the remotest idea of ​​a conspiracy: after all, Putin is the best nit of all nits in this flea circus. But if an epilepsy reigned in the Kremlin from the price of $ 25, then what will happen when the Saudis announce the price of $ 15? And if at 12, 10, or - do not bring the constitutional Lord - 5 bucks a barrel? In the latter case, the window of opportunity narrows down to two options: a quick big war with a deafening defeat or a sudden coup with a carcass on a gun carriage. Moreover, everything will be in an adult way: tears, mourning and sadness. Even loot on scarlet pads. And then - “forgive me, world, post-Soviet assholes, Putin's devil beguiled us, turned out to be a maniac and a swindler on a global scale, but we didn’t see it ...” , hit the ground in a fit of sincere repentance and quit TV. And what to do with them? Hang, or what? .. Humanity is now civilized - will soften and forgive. Tea, we do not live in the days of harsh Nuremberg ...

But this is only in the case of the sudden Vovochka, and the probability of this scenario is negligible, because the suit holds "Gopnicusperfectus", as it was said: the best son of a bitch of the Lubyanka, the noblest belch of the gateway. Therefore, it will really freak out and freak out. And then the blood-washed humanity will confirm the now controversial thesis of the author of these lines: "Fascism cannot be defeated from within, it is defeated only from the outside, and is squeezed out with blood and tears."

Oh, how much symbolism is there in the graceful appearance of the coronavirus, which has accelerated the processes hitherto inhibited. Blessed is Putyara, a virtuoso of ponto-rapping and the owner of a pipe triumphantly thrust into the ass by the Saudis. Once looking at the cake left over from the super-macho on the asphalt of history, one can only shake his head: “I have not learned anything from the Siberian Cranes. Negatively took off!..»

Putin, hiding behind the Russian idea and the Russian world, destroyed the entire real economy of Russia and not only. Over these 15-20 years, he has caused a terrible antipathy to everything Russian in everyone, even among the nations previously loyal to the Russian people! It must be so contrived! Is this a double game? Sometimes it seems that all this is being done by him and his team on purpose ... The worst thing is that by elevating this blatant lie to the state and international level, Putin and his team are making ordinary Russians lie and dodge! In the power of fairy tales and myths about Russian cunning, resourcefulness and resourcefulness! This country is now incurable!

Then in the 80s the Saudis fucked a pseudo-communist country and now it will be visible. The bondage people will turn into rusty paper clips - and therefore dangerous for infecting others. Putin is great! And Russia will rule and command the planet for another 20 years. And the problems of the natives are ALWAYS the problems of the natives. For me and the rest of the Muscovites do not care. We have ALWAYS lived and will live well.

CPSU The number of members of the Communist Party of the USSR is 19,487,822 people! Where were they all? All this crowd, which regularly made fiery speeches and swore allegiance to the party. And we are 145 million society - a herd that cuts and strangles one wolf - who are we then ??? There you have to judge everyone. But what to do with 500 thousand cops and national guardsmen, prosecutors and the rest of the FS ... not a single lustration will help. It looks like Africa, so sane people are moving away. Yes, Swallow was right, saying from the rostrum the disagreeable words: you have zeroed out and again you want our people to ... punish. You want to tie a stranglehold around the neck of the new generations.

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