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How not to regret a handful of sane and conscientious people that will be released on February 29 on a march in memory of Nemtsov? With his death, he paid for all his sins and delusions, washed away with blood involuntary mistakes and random stupidity. Life is a variable quantity, and only death comes forever. And now nothing has been changed for 5 years. With his murder, Russia made a decisive turn towards its own death, leaving only one uncertainty: at what cost will this great imperial kapets be achieved?

Putin's fascist dictatorship is rapidly taking shape in front of amazed humanity, afraid to admit to itself: “Yes, damn it, this is the very thing that we did not finish off in 1945.

Then it was necessary not only to wet Japan, but to incinerate all Hitler's allies, including the mustachioed pipe maker. " The result is sad: the cannibal ate the cannibal and has since celebrated Victory Day. The "grandfathers" calmed Hitler's Nazism, but they decided to keep Stalin's fascism for themselves. The main reason for the recurrence of this plague of the 20th century is that it was not uprooted on 1/7 of the land area. After an unsuccessful attempt to restore totalitarianism in the form of the GKChP of desperate comedians, the main cabinet in the Kremlin came under the control of the repainted secretary of the regional committee of the CPSU Yeltsin. This guy ruled merrily and recklessly, for he was always "drunk", the Kremlin "nepotism" was divorced under him, corruption grew and ramped up, and when the reins of government began to slip out of flabby shaking hands, the young Tambov shoots, who had already cleared the way for their frontman to the Kremlin, made the old man an offer that he could not refuse. The result is a nice New Year's "muhozhuk". Quite a dung, which gave a shit to the whole country in the form of the forever reigning St. So that no one would interfere with Putin, the Tambov gangs eliminated Galina Starovoitova in 1998, who could seriously compete with the little-known bureaucrats at that time. Sobchak, who became active in earnest, was next removed. And then, as part of the burning of personal space, helicopters with Swans and Fedorovs flew from heaven, and many, many corpses lay with bones like steps to the main seat of the country.

For two decades he breeds and recruits, expands and captures, and lies, lies, lies. Three years before the next coming, Putin ordered the assassination of Nemtsov, and this is logical: the latter was his main critic, and the only one who was taken seriously by the West, if only because Nemtsov was a real politician, with an ambiguous, but quite living history, in unlike the cabinet special cigarette butt. This assassination made Putin unavailable. In the phrase “you can't leave, you can't stay” after the word “you can't” Putin has three commas: the captured Crimea, the downed MH-17 and the shot by Nemtsov. Here is the dictator and recruits the population through endless sessions with "20 questions" from the sycophant. The constitution has already been rewritten, all changes will take effect immediately after the vote. Not a referendum and convocation of the Constitutional Assembly, but a vote. Everything has already been decided, the dictator is eternal, and his health is excellent, despite the conspiracy whistle of the "nightingale" professorship. He will go to the end. If necessary, it will deliver a limited nuclear strike on any country. Inside Russia, no one will vyaknitsya: there is no opposition, and the Chekists are finishing off in the dark doorways of the already random poor fellows - just like that, for the sake of ostrast. Whoever could - he left and is watching what is happening in Russia from the sidelines, clasping his head in his hands in horror. But most Russians sniffed the smell of the fascist outhouse and found it a perfectly acceptable scent for life. Some gladly plunged into this substance, others still frown with disgust, but the smell comes from everyone who remains. How did one pissed-off kid wang? - "to the point of confusion"!

Most Russians don't like Putin because he's not strong enough. He must be filled with lead and inflamed with anger, after which he must attack with all his dictatorial power on corrupt officials and enemies, on spies and agents, on crap and liberals, on gays and come in large numbers. He must keep the blooming people on a strict collar, muzzle overly talkative ones and shut up the fountain to foreign hysterics. He is obliged to present such a wunderwaffe to Kuzkin, upon seeing which the West will immediately crawl away from Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states. And after the adoption of the Constitution, which gives him omnipotence - he will definitely do it! And the corrupt Western establishment will bow down to the beast of Lubyanka, and the grateful plebs will glorify him, erect a hundred-meter monument of shit and sticks and canonize the whole Russian Orthodox Church. And every Reichs-raspberry will bloom, and mi-mi-mish zig-haylushki will rise to the Surkov-Mikhalkov's hymn.

It is clear that those who have been hit hard on schizophrenia are not able to defeat - especially when the madhouse in which they thrive is captured by psychos, and a violent madman takes the position of chief physician. This whole nuclear hospital will one day throw something nuclear into this world. Vova-yo… that has been combing the button for years, and one day a burning desire will coincide with a bad mood. But all you can do is stop supplying this office with food. About 90% of the raw materials from which the "silage for the grub" of the bracketed inhabitants is produced is supplied from abroad. The madhouse itself is not even able to feed itself. Everything is so neglected that tomorrow the supply of ingredients for ersatz meat and dairy products breaks down - and famine will come in the great cave. The dehumanized Sovkopitheks are already ready for cannibalism and, perhaps, it is better to let them gnaw each other than throw rockets towards the Baltic?

The five years that have passed since the murder of Nemtsov have finally proved: then on the Moskvoretsky bridge, together with Boris, the hope for a peaceful turn towards civilization was killed. The darkness has won. Since then - only war, hardcore and the Apocalypse. What kind of bald borzo rider is riding a laughing Sobchakobyl? And this is your Solid Hand, which broke the back of the people and unscrewed the eggs. She will show you where to go. After the new "Cold War" it will be so hot there that you won't have time to warm up ...

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