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How wildly depressing everything turns out ((The bottom line is this. Ahead of us is mass terror ... shootings ... hunger ... pov Excerty and eventually death (possibly from a nuclear explosion). There is no hope (people will not rise) there is no salvation .. After such news, frankly speaking, she doesn't really want to live (If only they gave us some ray of positive ... What's the point of watching all this news knowing that soon there will be a full pi ... t and nothing can be done.

But really, "The train is on fire" and "Colonel Vasin has arrived at the front" even now would be more relevant and accurate. The centurion is right again.

You are an ordinary coward ..... Why is the country the poorest in Europe for 102 years? The answer is simple: 102 years ago Lenin canceled the money .... The devastation began ... 102 years of devastation! you dare not tell about it .... You will be quickly kicked out of the internet! As a child, I watched the wonderful film "Communist" .... But I did not understand: why did the communist saw wood for the locomotive furnace? After all, the furnace needs to be heated with coal ... And I asked .... They said to me: "you are a fool" .... And only in 90 years I learned: Lenin canceled money ..... everything was closed ... and the mines and factories and mines .... Everything has stopped ... The country has become a thing of the past for 2,000 years. You look, but do not see: the executioner Lenin performed at the Michelson factory ..... And you, BADLO, saw that there were kerosene lamps on the stage ??? This meant only one thing: THE PLANT DIDN'T work ... and there was no electricity .... Who was at the plant? It was the executioners of the Cheka who drove the townspeople so that Lenin would amuse himself: he spoke to the people who did not understand anything from his muttering words. That is why the country is poor, although the earth contains all the metals from the periodic table. You, WASTE, did not study at school, so you do not know that 1 500 years ago Someone gave an order! And the Great Roman Empire collapsed .... And Europe flew into cavernism, because money disappeared !!! And money, as Licinius Mucianus said 2,000 years ago: "This is blood in a living country" (the executioner Lenin killed the country !!! And everyone is silent!) There was devastation in Europe for over 1,000 years ... Then the RENAISSANCE (revival) began. It ended in the 19th century .... In Russia, the devastation has been going on for 102 years .... when the renaissance begins ... is unknown. In the USSR, the executioners of the CPSU created a powerful ministry of propaganda, like Hitler's, which inspired happiness to the hungry, impoverished people ... 78,000 factories, unprofitable were driven only by MARRIAGE ... The agriculture of the USSR was unprofitable .... How did the USSR keep itself? due to the sale of raw materials ... oil ... Anyway, the USSR had to cover itself with cunt in the sixties, but the war in the Middle East raised the price of a barrel of oil to $ 200 ... Trillions of petrodollars poured into the Bastard USSR ... . The thieves' power of the CPSU did not know: where to put the money? Their power was thrown abroad to the gangster regimes ..... Why This idiot "centurion" does not explain the past? or doesn't he? Vitalikoc koneev

Good afternoon, dear Alexander! The first time I leave a comment on your site And that's why . Until recently, I watched your channel from time to time. I didn't like everything. Well, I think that's okay. After all, we look at what is happening in different ways, evaluate and sometimes draw diametrically opposite conclusions. And that's okay. I have no disagreements with your conclusions regarding the characteristics of the current government of Russia. There is a discrepancy and even some rejection in the description of Russia's centennial past, the Soviet past. And whether it was Soviet is a big question. I must apologize to you, at least in absentia, for my, before this last stream, largely incorrect and biased perception of you, which remained in the past. Which is what I'm doing now. The only thing I would like from you is, after all, from hopeless pessimism, a little optimism. Why, you may ask? I can answer - not everyone can leave the country and have to live here. The reasons are different, someone has become so poor that it is impossible to reach the border in sandals ... But for someone, like me, for example, it will be too late. Only for this reason, a little optimism on your part, it would help us, someone else and to fight against the lawlessness, and someone just to survive. Rather - to survive, but with the hope of the collapse of this power during his lifetime. It seems to me that Russia still has a chance of collapse of power without collapse of the country. Good luck to you! Yuri Gavrilichev

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