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Fascist happiness came from where no one expected. Moscow Mayor Sobyanin said that the video surveillance system with facial recognition was incredibly effective. “Therefore, since January 1, we have implemented it en masse, city cameras have been replaced with cameras with HD-quality, and artificial intelligence systems for face recognition have been launched!” - Sobyanin rejoiced and highly hoped that the system "will allow identifying places of crime, places of accumulation of migrants, planting drugs." Places where people gather, like cockroaches, are really high time to identify and clean up. Otherwise they accumulate - there is no way for the Lubyanka Aryans!

Hiding behind the criminogenic situation, which in fact is the result of twenty years of criminalization of society under the leadership of the Kremlin urkagans, these same rulers are eager to tighten the screws even tighter. So that all living things stop moving, so that everything freezes and does not dare to breathe.

Stand-up comedian Alexander Dolgopolov, in respect of whom a check for insulting the feelings of believers began earlier, left Russia, said the artist's lawyer Leonid Soloviev. “My client has left Russia. This is due to the pre-investigation check, which began after the statement of a person who saw in Dolgopolov's video an insult to his religious feelings. The cave schmuck believes in his schmuck-god, whose witnesses in gold-embroidered robes promise him eternal bliss in paradise for all the screwed up schmuckers - and then he takes offense when they say to him in a joking tone: “Hey, shit-like, kill yourself with apstena or kill yourself about this stand-up , but there is no grandfather-chmoshnik in heaven! " And along with the offended cave clutch, cops with domes stuffed on their backs are aroused - those who furiously plunge into the hole before, blessing, to put the detainees on bottles. And they are looking for a comedian who is very sinful, and growling, dropping saliva on the ground: “But for God and the Tsar-father, we will get you, a joker, and from behind a hillock!..»

When the darkness thickens, wool grows well, and fangs grow stronger. They cut especially well in the mouth of the new Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova. This individual has an excellent pedigree. Try to say something about the artist Katchalov's great-granddaughter! However, she wrote so many details about herself that it is better not to put a finger in her mouth - she will gobble it up together with the honored workers of the notorious laundry. And after all, the entire government is now like that - rejuvenated, although some cadres have retained their posts. Sergei Shoigu, for example. After all, our army is the most terrible in the world. It is so scary to serve in it that oppositionists are forcibly sent there when they cannot be judged. Or the Minister of Agriculture - Dmitry Patrushev, the son of Nikolai Patrushev. After all, how farmland flourished with him! What sweetness has reigned in the fields - your eyes are already bursting with bloody emotion! With such a filial substitution, you don't want to, but believe that tomorrow everything will break through everywhere. And I want to run, wringing my hands, into some distance, but the borders are locked, and the foreign country itself does not allow. And the leader himself at that time, having all-mercifully watched how the mother of Naama Issachar was lying at his royal feet, promised to release the prisoner: “It is clear to me that Naama is from a good family. We will take all this into account and take into account when making a decision. Everything will be fine". And he moistened the crocodile eyes, almost dropping a miserly tear on the dry land of Jerusalem. In order to persuade Putin to release the captured hostage, Israel decided to transfer control over the Alexandrovsky Compound in the Old City of Jerusalem to Russia, as well as a number of forced steps at the request of Putin. Ah, what a lucrative exchange for a hostage! Isn't it a victory? And then there are other state Jews crawling at their feet - they are grateful for the release of the prisoners of the Auschwitz camp - they are so warmly grateful, as if Putin himself had liberated, risking his bald head.

And the "liberator" said, walking through the fields of the World Forum in Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust: "Attempts to distort the history of World War II and justify the Nazis and their accomplices require a response from the entire world community." And he did not even blush, remembering Stalin, who enthusiastically laid out new European borders with Hitler. And he was not embarrassed, forgetting about the joint parades and kissing of the soldiers of the Red Army with the Nazis. And I also did not remember how the Gestapo NKVD officers taught torture. And he also forgot that after his release, Auschwitz was immediately transformed into an NKVD prison. What joy has come to mankind: a hereditary fascist from the NKVD family, himself a native of the Soviet KGB-Gestapo, tells the world how to condemn fascism. At this time, the fashion industry is multiplying and raging throughout the post-Soviet space, wild to the extent of AUENIYA. Soon these savages will take up the business to which Vovan the victorious has called them: they will begin to bear offspring, receive money for it, and gracefully leave them to their fate. And when a new generation of grips grows up, it will be foolish to expect human feelings from him, for it will be a horde of angry orcs who did not know love and affection, and who grew up in a wild wolf pack. These will tear anyone to shreds - just like that, for no reason, because the main reason today travels around the world and teaches everyone how to live ...

Will there be new hugs with Merkel and Macron? - there will be new Chepigs and Mishkins. And the next Skripals will be sure. And the law on the inadmissibility of comparing Putinism with fascism will certainly be adopted, and the author of these lines will be banned, sentenced to some term "for extremism." Or "doctors" will be sent ...

A fascist of the Mussolinian style glows with happiness: people talk to him lively, they readily listen to him, they solemnly listen to him. How can you not become entrenched in the thought that you are the Messiah, which this world has been waiting for so long? And now - waited!..


In Nizhny Novgorod breakthrough! It hit the Avtozavod so much that 300,000 residents of the district were left without water! Here's a breakthrough! Crimea is yours! Oh, roofs to you! Eat, don't choke! Alexander. You are guaranteed to justify them. When you find out the amount allocated for the creation of new video surveillance systems, you will immediately understand that these measures are being implemented, not at all for total control. At least 70% of these cameras will not be installed at all. And HD format, only the Kremlin and the city hall will be installed. These characters always have the same goal setting.

Well done Sotnik !!! We watch, discuss, distribute. The bitter, sobering, disturbing truth must reach every person. In the end, we must not only and not so much residents of the country, but become CITIZENS of our country. And this means feeling our responsibility for the country, have DIGNITY and in any situations resist that evil and the injustice that comes from the authorities and the government as a whole. It is unacceptable in the current conditions to be submissive, silent slaves-conformists. Our society will be saved by active non-conformists. The more energetic non-conformists, the weaker the power of bandits and thieves !!!

Mrazota will never surround himself with worthy people. Scum is afraid of professionals, tk. himself a worthless marginal! That is why there are only lawyers and economists in the government with no experience of work “on the ground.” “.... And guano covers the whole of Russia with a sticky layer - Where is it a snowdrift, where is thinner. The army has long been in disarray - hazing is flourishing. And the factories are rusted, and no one heals the sick. There is no science, no crafts - hand-ass, brain-ass. And in a swamp of guano, banks are drowning, dragging along with them the Pension Fund, the reserve one. Only show-off and embezzlement receive fertilizer, Cocaine from the diplomatic post, beating the vile smell. The bald dwarf clearly knows that there will be no storms in Russia; His sticky guano will smear everything, tighten everything. Only an iron curtain will stop the guano layer. Isolate Russia! So that the whole world can sleep peacefully. "

The ruler who NIKHRENA does not understand the progress in the history and prosperity of his country quickly makes it a territory for the absorption of natural resources and creates a dictatorial system of government while feeding and inflating the state of power suppression of the poor, dissatisfied population! But RF is a SPECIAL HOPE CASE! We can say the MUTATION of the dictatorship! This is already an inveterate shitty swamp shitty by inveterate BASTERS! Yes Sasha .. Israel went to such humiliation because of one human life .. Jewish life ... this does not mean that we are afraid .. Putin and Russia ... it means. that the life of every Israeli is dear to us ..

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