Era of thugs - Sasha Sotnik

The time of frost is ending, the era of thugs is coming! Immediately after the nationwide "approval" of Putin's Constitution, the population will be plunged into repressive trash. And here who did not hide - Pu is not to blame. Whoever has time - he will merge with the scrap territory until the "victorious ninth". This militaristic carnival of mumbled medalists in the KGB standings will mark the line beyond which the war is visible at a glance. Putin needs the Constitution as an analogue of the Referendum on the issue of trust in an adventurer who intends for himself a full-fledged century of fascist dictatorship.

Meetings with the population, which asks, as it were, "uncomfortable questions" - "is it possible to live on 10,800 rubles?" - poorly played scenes of a burned-out theater. Under these "frank conversations" Putin is going to raise the minimum wage and the level of the living wage. And the whole constitutional gimmick was started so that the sick bald hmyrina would emerge from her, like from boiling milk, by a renewed brave dictator. Although there are assumptions expressed by Andrei Illarionov: as if a certain "group of comrades" had started up in the Kremlin, proposing to Putin to remove Medvedev and form a government separate from Putin's influence. But this is hard to believe. Rather, the godfather who has gone headlong is playing out the version of Ivan the Terrible, who is identified with himself, simulating weakness, after which it will be possible to clear the vertical of all who dared to "rejoice" in this weakness. Power in Russia is sacred, it is from the Almighty, and the Soviet god, as you know, works somewhere in the Lubyanka ...

All of the above is the basis of a common canvas, on which not biblical plots at all appear. The arrest of the Deputy Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation, Anastasia Alekseeva, is a serious “test of the pen” by the FSB, which is sending a “black mark” to a whole group of beneficiaries from this financial “black hole”. This group includes Vekselberg, Chemezov, the Kovalchuk brothers and even ex-Prime Minister Medvedev. Thus, Mishustin tries to "equidistant" the "old guard" from frantic financial injections, weakening its excessively inflated ego.

And in the cradle of a highly spiritual gateway, they commemorated the great thief Anatoly Sobchak, who threw away his hooves 20 years ago. Moreover, he wrapped the flippers so suddenly that even the widow Lyudmila Narusova announced that it was a special operation to liquidate - so as not to interfere with the "young and energetic". True, the very next day “the concept changed”: the widow was convincingly talked to, and the version of the murder was postponed to the back shelf of Putin's gloomy closet to the rest of the skeletons. And now Vladimir Gryazny has come to St. Petersburg in order to remember his passenger and royally shake the matted Ksyusha, who, in fact, turned out to be completely flabby and second-hand. Even the last talk show of the once popular "housewife" on Channel One failed: no spark, no spark: dull dung from an old tent. Well-rubberized Sobchak is recognized as a political illiquid, although a couple of years ago it effectively and humorously bounced off at Putin's hippodrome. But now new clowns are needed, and they are already jumping out into the arena. Boris Titov's “party of growth” has grown with laces to the main idol of our gateway - Sergei Shnurov. From now on, this impudent singer will knock on voters' foreheads with his political belongings. "Thieves - we, fools - you, candidates - Shnurovs!" - just such a structure will fall on the weak heads of the lohtorat. Primitive, but the anger sticks out through the frowning unshaven mug. The grimaces of the crazy Reich, zigzagging thieves, should convince the enemy foreign of the seriousness of the intentions of the excited fascism.

Tank firing took place at the Alabino training ground near Moscow. More than 300 military personnel took part in the exercises, over 150 pieces of weapons, military and special equipment were involved. The boys are not waiting, but getting ready. Enemies are building up their power, and now the rebellious Lukashenko is eager to see NATO soldiers on Belarusian soil. And the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linkevicius warns of possible complications in the trips of Russians to Kaliningrad through Lithuania. Just right to put on body armor and dig in the border strip. And then the “fat wallets” did not give a damn about patriotism and refused to return their capital to their homeland in exchange for financial amnesty and zeroing of taxes on dividends. On the contrary: in the last five months alone, the outflow of money from our "richest" amounted to almost 190 billion dollars.

In general, the anxiety of the moment is off scale, but the guys are trying with all their raspberry team. US intelligence officials have warned that Russia is again meddling in the election campaign. According to them, now, instead of posing as Americans on social networks, as was done in 2016, Russians are working to get Americans to spread disinformation. In the Middle East, the lads are strenuously bringing discord between Erdogan and Assad, hoping to warm their hands over the fire of war. And it was decided to fool Belarus with compensation of $ 300 million. But this "girl" has long been a slave to Lukashenka, and he will never give her up. And in his case, the anecdote may come true: "If the Kremlin does not enter Minsk with all its tanks, NATO soldiers will be stationed there tomorrow."

All the frostbite is preparing for the main event: the transfer of the country to the rails of survival. We are not any Chinese. Those sneezed - the world tensed, and if it starts to totally break through with us, the whole planet will suffocate from the stuck exhaust. Harness, man, your stunted mare - we'll go to heaven! Our plan is to surprise the world.


Well done Alexander! Really evaluates the scumbags! A real engine of revolutionary sentiment among the masses. His reports and essays provide a real analysis of how we lost 20 years of our lives. A special rebel technique lands the possible complications of body armor. Anxiety amnesty exchange capitals. Only the people have forgotten that the Russian Federation is gone for the third year already and have raped our Constitution and we, the citizens of the USSR, are not obliged to go and vote for clown laws!

I sent 5 requests to "power" and "tax" structures - one reply. This is proof that there is no state. organizations one organized criminal community. We must fight for FREEDOM !!! No to the Putin regime. A little confused .. In one of the recent broadcasts of Valery Solovy - when he was visiting one of the political channels - he shared that the lads had taken out more than .300 (?) Billion dollars by Boeing and are still exporting them .. And since to banks These tons of baksobable will not be allowed in Europe, then they will be stored in wine cellars .. Sasha, the number 190 billion sounded on the air .. I'm already confused - someone is taking out how much .. The final feeling is that they are exporting trillions. ) It’s interesting - how to get to these cellars on an excursion .. At least to figure out - where the trenches are more convenient.

frostbite - at the start. Theme - 75 years of Pabedi Rasia over the whole world Empire, Besi from the Old World, Alaska - part of Raseya, a bridge over the Bering Strait, Baikal into a Peking glass .. beat it down. Tell me someone 20 years ago that Russia will again slide into a totalitarian stall, that some insignificance will be able to completely subjugate the whole country in 20 years, plunder and destroy it, turn such a huge number of people into idiots and surround it with enemies, for nothing did not believe. Back in perestroika, I said that since the changes from above, from the Communists, since the law prohibiting professions has not been passed, as in defeated Germany (then the word lustration was somehow not used), since there was no trial, like the Nuremberg trial, then everything will return to circles of my own .... (((I understood all this already then, because I myself have been from the Moscow underground since the early 70s. And we talked about this a lot with my friends. But the power was seized anyway by komunyaki, just repainted. This is nothing I could not do it myself. Gebnya did a great job on slave greatness. Personally, I realized what kind of schmuck they put on the throne after Kursk and Ryazan sugar. The most unskilled explosives will distinguish sugar from hexogen by eye and touch.

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