Either the country or Putin

«January 15 is likely to be included in history textbooks, ”writes German Der Spiegel, and adds cautiously:“ This is the date when Putin began his departure from the presidency. There will be a transfer of power, the outcome of which is not clear to the public. Its result is known only to Putin ... ”It is not true: the result is unknown even to Putin, because it is a risky adventure, and its real name is a coup d'etat. However, Putin is not the first time. He already turned the country upside down in 1999, when he came to the Kremlin, in 2008, when he “castled” with Medvedev, and in 2012, when he returned, wiped out by the Constitution. Now he will rewrite it. I have already called the writers - with feathers and axes. Russians, you have a deadly problem for a long time. Your dwarf has grown into the Kremlin with all its limbs, and either you will send him to Paradise in the near future, where the guy has been striving for a long time, or he will send you to the camps. How to give to drink - it will give. But what about: the foreign agents are unreliable all around, and the spies are darting around in the Lubyanka. Planting here - do not replant!

Fortunately, the Decree has already been signed, according to which it is now possible to organize colonies at state-owned enterprises and construction sites! This is how our genius created millions of jobs with one stroke of the pen. There would be people - and now there is definitely a job for them at Putin's construction sites. Give birth to new slaves, clamps, the leader promised to catch up and subsidize you. Look at the happy faces of the North Korean comrades - and you will see your bright future in them!

The configuration of the future for Russians is terribly primitive: either you or Putin. Moreover, if nothing is done, then Putin wins automatically, because he is just an active dictator. He is ready to turn the whole world upside down, just to stay in the Kremlin forever. And, knowing the timid nature of the cave degradants, one can safely predict: no one will go anywhere. It is they greyhounds who talk to each other - right up to stabbing, and as soon as the ghost of the state begins to loom behind their backs - immediately paws up, eyes - on the floor, and on their knees. So crawl to crawl and vote on the fake Referendum, as they already voted for "Krymnash". And they will stand in line for rations, and in the form of live mince they will sign up for the front if the dwarf calls to fight. And he will definitely call. It's time for him to take Kiev for lunch, to have a snack on Minsk for dinner.

In the meantime, the new Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announces the beginning of a fiscal jihad - digital control over taxes of individuals. A unified base for recording the population's income will be created. All households in Russia will be entered into the information system within two years, each income will be tracked from start to finish. The reform will be carried out under the guise of targeted assistance to the poor. There are no plans to tax state-owned companies and billionaires yet. Indeed: not to tax yourself. Mishustin himself owns elite real estate on Rublevka worth more than 500 million rubles, according to the Proekt newspaper. At the same time, there is no real estate in Mishustin's declaration, not even an apartment. Goal like a falcon, wearing his last pants, but he has a keen eye - therefore, from now on, every Russian will squirm in the field of his falcon's vision. Look, citizen, you will answer in full for every penny you receive. They will catch up with you and ask: “What is the last horseradish you can eat without salt? Well - go away, the enemy is tight! .. "

The only one who, after the events of Wednesday, calmed down and resigned to lie down on glasses, like a submissive lamb, is Medvedev. He already understands the depth of the fall. They pushed it into a niche, like an urn with ashes. You will not have any influence, and you will not wrinkle the heads and cast them into granite. Putin locked it on himself out of old friendship, admitting that the debt to the gasket had been paid in full, it was time to dry it.

Putin is in a hurry to complete the coup before May 1. Things are up to the neck. The Fuhrer's impatience is due to the upcoming events of the rapid fall of Putinomics into the abyss. In the foreseeable future, the ruble may drop to 200 rubles per dollar, economist Alexei Vedev predicted at the Gaidar Forum in Moscow. Russians are already accustomed to a pseudo-economy, when everything rises in price, but the dollar, which plays the role of a psychological stabilizer, is marking time. These blessed times of central bank manipulators may end in 2020. In addition, in November-December 2019, non-residents invested only 18 billion rubles in federal loan bonds - 14 times less than in the previous two months. Without an inflow of foreign capital, the ruble will not be able to maintain last year's trend towards strengthening, and the situation is such that the demand for Russian OFZs is already saturated, and investors have no previous interest in Russian securities. We must again surprise you with the softening of the Central Bank's policy, but it is becoming more and more difficult to do this.

Putin is in a hurry. Without a new triumphant dust in his eyes, he cannot resist in the Kremlin. Although - it would seem! - the whole parterre is pissed with boiling water from his mere appearance on the podium, and the gallery is so easily torn to shreds with happiness. But every dictator has a brutal sense of smell: everything can change in an instant. The slightest mistake, an insignificant mistake, a second delay - and they already torment you like Gaddafi, and put you up against the wall like Ceausescu, and tighten your tie like Saddam. So he sparkles with the eyes of the Devil, and knocks with his hooves, and urges the servants: “Put a crown on my bald head, but as soon as possible - so that she could cover the shameful bald spot in the law, and reign forever! ..”

On the day when Yeltsin shot the White House from tanks, what is called the desire for freedom died. Since people realized that these are ready to kill for power, partly and therefore partly character plus drunkenness and indifference in addition, one of the smart ones said that a change of power is possible if the people rise in Moscow or St. Petersburg. But those who eat well upstairs also understand this, and especially in these cities, wages and pensions are higher by an order of magnitude and, accordingly, these people who live there do not care that outside the city the people are simply starving. So we live in this shit for so many years, a hopeless life, and they mock us !!!!!

Russia is flying into the abyss from the very top of the euphoria about our Crimea and Ukraine, the main problem of Russia. And the fact that the head is not only for the mouth to plump and smoke and swear the whole world. All the final stop is beyond the era of complete collapse.

I wonder if this new chairman will zealously fulfill the whims of this traitor and traitor who rents the country wholesale and retail to the Chinese and other African riffraff? If yes, then he will also fall under the criminal distribution in the future, when another person comes to power and remembers everything in full as traitors, traitors, collaborators, thieves, robbers, warmongers, murderers, poisoners, house blowers, destroyers of the economy, destroyers of medicine, destroyers of education systems, science, information, social systems of society, justice, law, guarantees of the rights of citizens defined by the constitution. In general, will the new chairman be independent in his office or the driving belt of a traitor and the same traitor and traitor as the current usurper and traitor?.

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