Dorian Gray Associate Professor - Alexander Sotnik

These Kremlin madmen seem to invite their own death. They “smell with disastrous delight”, anticipate the upcoming bloody events, look down into the black abyss that has opened up under them and continues to expand, and revel in the foreboding of the approaching denouement. And every event that happens and shocks, hinting that "this is what it is - the bottom", suddenly discovers a pallet under it, and under it - more and more. And so on ad infinitum.

The pensioner fell at the feet of Medvedev and asked to turn on hot water in a 140-apartment building, which is not available either in winter or in summer for the 4th year in a row. Well, the bottom is hopeless? - but no! Behind this bottom one more thing is revealed: it turns out that the woman was not going to fall prostrate like a serf, she was tripped by the guard. And she could have shot. And this incidentally revealed detail radically changes the perception of the whole picture, giving it monstrous shades in reality: here a medieval dignitary travels across the country, examining the estates of the fed governors, but serfs are trying to break through to him, some are allowed to crawl on their knees, others are driven away with batogs ... What century do you live in, bracers? You say you have conquered space on the Internet? ..

And here's the shooting in Blagoveshchensk. Another college, and another 19-year-old shooter. Two corpses, one wounded. It would seem that it is high time to cry out again about the dangers of the Internet and computer games, and to state that the next bottom has been reached, from the depths of which patriotism and the Youth Army will raise us. But here clarifications are knocking from below. It turns out that the shooter Danil Zasorin thus avenged those who mocked him and raped his girlfriend in the hostel. And this is a completely different matter. These are the customs of our bracketed cave, gentlemen, cannibals. This is vendetta, a cold dish with hot bloody sauce. Given the mores of our menagerie, it is pointless to call the police and complain about the rapists. The victim of violence - in general, is always her own fault: “she is provocatively dressed, indecently attractive,” and a man is obliged to stand up for himself, and if he complained to outsiders, it means “a snitch and a brat”. And if so - get shooting. The guy how he could - and defended himself, as he could - and took revenge. So don't be offended. In a cruel cave, cruel manners. Tea, not any storage…

By the way, about the delights of French love. Our Bonapartist dismemberment maniac Oleg Sokolov, who tried to drown his beloved's hands in the Moika River, is just a walking portrait of the Kremlin's Dorian Gray. Here is the cultural and historical code, and Dostoyevshchina with St. Petersburg schizanity, and the Idiot restaurant nearby, and a control shot in the head with further sawing "little by little." Only the assistant professor's victim was 24-year-old graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko, and the Kremlin's umbilical kisser - all of Russia was killed. And he drowns it in parts, not in the Moika, but in offshore zones, decorously carrying it out in a cello case. And then this geopolitical dismemberment will be explained by the fact that “the breadwinner fell into a state of passion, turning into an affective manager, so that he was not responsible for himself, and the fact that he was not removed from the levers of control - so you did not remove him, you are to blame! .. "

Well, for now - it is he who orders the music and dances the girl. And so that she does not resist, the Russian Guard will purchase 1,100 remote stun guns-batons, for which 13 million 200 thousand rubles will be spent. This is happening just as scientists at Johns Hopkins say they have developed a drug that blocks the metabolism of glutamine, which is required for cancer growth. Everything is as predicted: the civilized world launches satellites for the development of the Internet, so that communication is available anywhere in the world; humanity by the power of scientific progress stops cancer, and in Putin's cave, the last cracks are sealed to make it more convenient to crush skulls and slurp human flesh. And to atone for sins, Minister of Cannibal Culture Medinsky proposes to build monasteries for 10 billion.

And it seems sometimes: after all, darkness has already fallen, and it cannot be blacker, and the next day you begin to understand that yesterday's darkness was still clear weather, but today it is really dark, even if you gouge your eyes out. And the next day - a repetition of the same sensations. This is a haze into which the country has dragged itself - with a victorious howl and drunken hooting, with the delight of brave savages, launching poisoned darts towards the hated civilization. And the proud leader with insolent vulgarity in his eternally grinning mouth leads them into perilous darkness, promising heavenly light at the end of the tunnel.

But the darkness will be thicker, and the night more hopeless, and fear will replace all other feelings, because the retribution for insanity of this magnitude should be a lesson for everyone, and not just for Russians, who have given themselves over to mortal hallucinations. All of humanity will watch this show - with sliding into the abyss, plunging into darkness, with the last flight and a dying cry from the darkness. But this is not now.

For now, Putin is awarding a citizen of Finland Boris Rotenberg with the Order of Alexander Nevsky - for his active social activities and merits in the development of physical culture and sports. This one will definitely not fall off and drown, he is an athlete and a parachute at the ready, for he correctly invested the money received from the sale of sawed-off limbs. And I didn't get caught, because I hid it in the right place, without attracting too much attention. Learn, docent!

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