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If plans for life do not correspond to political realities in any way - you can sketch out plans for death. Moreover, this is quite in the spirit of a totalitarian sect, into which Russia is turning together with its population. And the population will no longer be up to discussions: the fabulous Pynya "dolbo ... b" or the commonplace banal.

The North Korean "Broneteomkin Bearer" traveled to Vladivostok and brought the friendly nuclear Chuchku to the Kremlin gnaw. So two loneliness met: one was in vain kissed by Trump, the other was sent silently by him. From here we will threaten Trump and the other Swedes, along with the nemchura and the paddling pool. And if plans for life do not correspond to political realities in any way, you can sketch out plans for death. Moreover, this is quite in the spirit of a totalitarian sect, into which Russia is turning together with its population.

And sounded the government bobblehead with all his bear throat: "Until May 1, set targets for total mortality in their regional projects, coordinating their significance with the Ministry of Health." Now you can't die without a plan, Russisch Schwein. Are you planning to die? - get approval from the Gauleiter. And he will definitely approve, but with the condition: to die in the name of the Motherland.

In the meantime, the Motherland is enthusiastically distributing passports, as in the alarming year of 2008, when Putin needed to "wrest" the territory of South Ossetia from Georgia. Then the passports were handed out in tens of thousands. Now the run-in scenario is being repeated on a new round in the self-proclaimed gangster DPR and LPR. Hybrid warfare is the highest achievement of Putin's Reich. And today in the Ukrainian direction for the fascist Putin, everything is going very well. In political terms, a change is planned in Kiev: the former Supreme Commander-in-Chief is leaving, and the newly elected one has not yet been sworn in. It's time to hit.

The Kremlin was preparing seriously: it pulled together military equipment and manpower. Only the lazy did not warn about the possible start of a military offensive. And now it’s silly to ask the question: “How so? According to the Kremlin, the war in Ukraine is civil, and Russian passports are being handed out? Where is the logic?" And she is, and she is on the surface. If we put aside the propaganda nonsense, it is high time to admit that Russia has been at war with Ukraine for 5 years already, and no matter how cowardly European politicians frown, hiding behind the false Minsk special agreements, the truth is cruel. Putin's Russia is an aggressor, and it has the potential to foment a major war in eastern Europe. Right now. And the meeting with the North Korean wen is very opportune: after all, this is logical - Putin is launching a military campaign in the Donbas, and Pyongyang is diverting US attention in the East by resuming nuclear tests. The distribution of passports may be the last act before the start of the Kremlin's large-scale aggression in Ukraine. Considering the fact that almost a massive outflow began from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in protest against the election results, and the morale among the Ukrainian fighters is clearly not up to par - there is no better moment for a Putin strike..

Maggot needs war like air. Death is his life. The highest point of fascism always leads to a revolution in values. White turns black, and slavery is called freedom. Like the notorious Mizulina, who literally declared the following: "By and large, a ban as a rule of law, from which a law is constructed, is the greatest freedom of a person." So death is the highest form of life under fascism. And food is garbage from the garbage. And it is not necessary to put out Transbaikalia, because the fires are not ours, but Mongolian. Imported fires.

But if tomorrow a real war begins - with textbook howls “the enemy is at the gates”, “we will free Kiev from the junta” - all talk about freedom and fires will stop by law. And the population will no longer be up to discussions: the fabulous Pynya "dolboyob" or the mundane banal. Martial law implies the curtailment of civil liberties, and mobilization awaits especially talkative ones.

If for Putin Life is your Death, he will sacrifice you without hesitation. He has no money for your life, and he does not have money in retirement, but bins are bursting for death and war. And there will be money in retirement for a million “new Russians” who are ready to cling to the plundered Pension Fund of Russia. Not for you. You will pay new taxes created by the fascist government: on dogs and cats, on water and land - anything else that can be levied.

Telepropaganda trumpets about endless victories and increased readiness for the necessary rebuff. The General Staff is repeating about the plans of the American military to inflict a nuclear strike on Russia from space. To this end, the United States is creating a powerful strike potential at the Russian borders by deploying anti-missile weapons. General Victor Poznihir wang: America strives to be able to deliver such a blow to any "unwanted" state. Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg Suvorovites show Putin robotic miners capable of laying mines on sandy soil, but even those, upon closer examination, turn out to be produced in South Korea. For example, they can be purchased on eBay for $ 1100. But nothing bothers the limb: he enthusiastically prepares for war. Any clash increases his chances of survival: and life-giving oil will soar in price, and citizens will finally begin to erect gravestones not for Putin, but for each other, and not symbolic, but real, and the opposition will shut up, because - the war ...

Fabulous times are over. Russians will face a severe test with the historical finale of Putinism. After all, it was said: you cannot defeat fascism from within. It is possible only outside and together. It was simply convenient for everyone to assert that Putin was not Hitler, and that his regime was not fascist, but some other. It is for this cowardice that you have to pay. And it is a pity that not only the Russians, who frivolously allowed an ordinary cabinet nit to stand on nuclear stilts.

I watched a video today where children in Russia are taught to handle and shoot weapons and then I got scared because Hitler Jugend did the same. Baldhead preparing to attack. I wonder when Germany will start offering passports to Kaliningraders? Yes, there will be a holiday!)) ) also Finland to Petersburgers))) Zelensky answered about passports: let Merkel give German passports to Kaliningraders, well, and so on! In general, as always: bravo, Sasha Sotnik! 

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