Crown of the cave empire - Alexander Sotnik

Nobody notices this, but in vain: at the moment in Russia there is a historically classic situation of anarchy. Putin is sitting in a bunker, imitating online activities, Mishustin is lying in a hospital bed, calling back with a frightened zeroer, Belousov is fighting off attacks in connection with publications defaming relatives, the government is playing online giveaways, raking toy "lyuli" from the virtual bunker-Fuhrer ... Nobody knows what to do or understands what to expect. And only the mayor of Moscow Sobyanin rules the capital's infrastructure, realizing that whoever has the reins of rule over reality is power. It turns out that today the mayor and the cops who have opened a real hunt for citizens are in power. More precisely - on their money, which a few still have left, and they can be pulled out, waving the democratizer. And the completely morose Sobyanin takes - and even broadcasts that 300 thousand people are infected in Moscow - while propaganda talks about 180 thousand across the country.

And at the same time, in the days of the impending victory, some paramilitary brigades are dissecting around the country, singing to an accordion about the glorious grandfathers, dancing Putin's jig and frankly spitting at the social distance with the means of self-defense. And such a cognitive dissonance from all this - that I want to interrupt this Hitchcock and walk out of the stuffy cinema hall into the sun-drenched street. But - alas - this is not a film, and we are not in a movie theater, and the session of a terrible reality, it seems, is just beginning - with deathly scared victims of propaganda, raging garbage and confused officials, on whom functions that are unusual for them have been pushed: to solve urgent tasks and be responsible for the consequences of the decisions made. The leader floats in a parallel world, and sheer chaos is happening on earth. Russian doctors have compiled a list of about 100 colleagues who have died while fighting the coronavirus. And this despite the fact that officially, 1451 people were killed from the epidemic. Compare with Italy, which reported 100 deaths among doctors, compared to a total of 18,200 deaths. In the UK, 150 doctors died, against a total background of 28,000 deaths. What other evidence is needed to roughly estimate the true scale of the disaster? Putin is reported about 2 - 2.5 million cases, Shoigu and Bortnikov - about 5 million. Moreover, the report lists St. Petersburg as the metropolis most affected by the coronavirus attack. It was just open for visa-free entry, and there were a lot of Chinese tourists there. So talk about "the imminent gradual weakening of the self-isolation regime" is another lie, so as not to cause a storm of indignation from the "lower classes" abandoned by the state bandits. This "deep mass" is already seething in a social pipe welded to death, and if the degree of tension rises dramatically, the pipe can break through. And in a situation of anarchy, such a breakthrough “without swinging” may turn out to be critical for the regime. If several megacities go out into the streets, the security forces will not have enough personnel to bloodlessly suppress the riots. This means that the Kremlin will increase the degree of cruelty and shed blood, after which a thermonuclear reaction will begin, the consequences of which are impossible to predict.

The only thing that the Kremlin has ordered to launch right now is the work of construction projects in order to occupy at least something frenzied from idleness of migrants who have already entered the "high road", daily increasing the level of social tension. In addition, a simple industry that has turned into a state-forming industry is fraught with its complete collapse. So Sobyanin listened to Khusnullin's howls and commanded: "Launch it before it bursts!" But, no matter how you hide the obvious, the "vertical" vibrates like rusty reinforcement. And now billionaire Dmitry Bosov, the general sponsor of the "night hockey league", briskly throws off his skates, shooting from a premium pistol. If you flip through the pages of his glorious business biography, it turns out that the origins of Bosov's success lie in his involvement in criminal groups that seized metallurgical enterprises in the 90s. In 1997, the deceased became the proud owner of 20% of the shares of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant, for whose assets in the 90s "aluminum wars" were waged, where everything was adult, up to the bloody "order". Either the billionaire remembered something, or they helped him to forget this “something” forever, because a day later the “Krasnoyarsk Celentano”, Anatoly Bykov, was detained, who was immediately charged with organizing a double murder. Like "hello from the dashing 90s." At the highest level, the hands of security officials whirl around Putin's bunker. This FSB clears the way to the cherished goal: to approach the weakened leader and, looking into his colorless eyes, make the last offer, which he cannot refuse. And let Sobyanin fight at his post, shining with armor: if something happens, there are tons of dirt on him.

The main thing is that in this battle, some bastards with others do not mix the cards forever at the wrong time waking up plebs. Therefore, it was decided to frighten him with the American military clique that eternally rises from the ashes. The American edition We Are The Mighty predicted what the explosion of a thermonuclear bomb of ten thousand megatons over Moscow could lead to. The non-binding publication caused a propaganda storm in the water area of ​​Putin's information puddle. State Duma Deputy Mikhail Sheremet called the publication an aggression and called on not to joke with Russia in this way. "The United States, instead of dealing with the collapsed economy, decided to intimidate Russia, revealing the face of the aggressor hiding under a mask," the impressionable deputy got excited, and promised: "The enemy will not even have time to pray, he will be instantly destroyed! .." If such a publication had not it was - it should have been invented, for this is the best reason to divert attention from the impending internal Russian collapse. And while political animals, ready to grapple with each other, roar at the approaches to the bunker, the “deep people” should sit in the darkest corner of the cave, grinning towards the West and combing militaristic mandavos from the fur.

And at this time, the daring virusnyak is spinning the crown of the cave empire as he wants. And nobody knows: what will happen next? Will the bald man come out of the bunker or will he be walled up there? Hostile whirlwinds blow over the brace. Howl and spark. It has not yet begun, but it is already clear: not all will survive.

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