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Putin is dreaming of the Hague. And the verdict like a wild nightmare bursts into this dream. If Russia is recognized as a sponsor of terrorism, the baldhead will not see the Kremlin. The "great leader of the nation" turned out to be a cowardly old man, sitting in a bunker, from which now - not a leg. Even on the "Day of Russia" on June 12, according to the official version of TASS, he was congratulated by "world leaders" in the person of Kim Jong-un and Lukashenko, with whom the friendship has not worked out either. The "geopolitical strategist" quarreled with everyone, including his own reflection in the dictator's mirror. And his own people do not send him to three funny letters only because of the fear of being fired or bitten by the Dog Guard. At the doors to the cherished bunker, people are crowded, but the Tsar stubbornly hides from the coronavirus - despite the fact that he personally called Sobyanin demanding that the self-isolation regime be canceled in Moscow.

And the official wavered: he did not want to experience the power of the anger of the insane bunker-dwarf, but just in case, he still advised Muscovites to stay at home on the day of Putin's parade on June 24. Sobyanin still has remnants of conscience, but only remnants.

On July 1, the entire vegetable warehouse, chopped up for greater courage, will shove ballots into hybrid trash ballot boxes, casting their bleating votes in favor of Putin's zeroing and final caverization of the entire country. Along with the prolongation of Putin's rule for another 12 "legitimate years," this procedure will legitimize the primacy of Russian law over international law. It is this point that will provide Putin with conditional legitimacy in the matter of "sending" the international community to any court decisions. But most of all he is concerned, of course, with the MH-17 case, which is being tried in The Hague right now. It seems that Russia will nevertheless be found guilty, and it cannot avoid serious sanctions from the international community. Of course, the real sanctions for it are a total embargo, the shutdown of SWIFT and the freezing in the West of all assets, both public and private, indirectly associated with Putin and his entourage. Such sanctions cannot be ignored. All that remains is to increase the degree of nuclear blackmail or escalate tensions in several directions: Ukrainian, Belarusian and Baltic. Intra-bunker frenzy can create an illusion of inaccessibility for Putin, and play a cruel joke with the Lubyanka Fuhrer. After all, even if we recognize his environment as absolutely stoned idiots - even they are unlikely to want to turn into nuclear ash. What will they say to their majors, doomed to death? - “You see, son, I have been stealing billions and wagons for you for a long time, so that you live fatly and eat sweetly, and so that you get an education in a decent place, and not in the Moscow State Animal Farm, but then our main papundel went mad, quarreling with the whole world, and decided to show the nuclear Kuz'kina mommy, covering the entire planet with her organs. So dust to dust, son, and let five thousand degrees remind you of my ardent love ... ”This is what they will say to their children, who, in general, are not sorry either, because the heirs of bandits become bandits in the second generation. And the international community will definitely not talk to them. The gravity of the situation lies in the fact that at this moment, neither in Russia nor outside of it there is not a single group at all that could constitute at least partially a legitimate replacement for the Putin government. There is no one to talk to. Everything is cleaned. Inside the country there is an atomized society, frightened to death and bewildered by the pseudo-oppositionists Navalno-Sobol's goat's goat-ruler, and abroad - the Komsomol oligarch, anxious about its tomorrow's place under the Kremlin sun. So it turns out that there are no serious politicians capable of representing an alternative non-Putin Russia in nature, and there is no one to conduct intelligible negotiations about the future with anyone. The middle echelon of conditional Putinists, perhaps, would like to blow up the upper floors of the "vertical" - but only in order to jump off themselves and go to the same West, which is unlikely to accept them now: everything is too neglected, the game has gone too far. Therefore, one, and very gloomy scenario emerges.

Having voted on the Constitution, Putin will declare a "second wave of coronavirus" and drive the population into the second round of the "self-isolation regime." And in August or September, the Central Bank will announce the devaluation of the ruble. Citizens' savings will turn into shards, but the protest will be prohibited. In some areas that have broken out, riots will be brutally suppressed. At the same time, it will be impossible to leave Russia due to the raging epidemic. The West will close to Russians, and the decision of the Hague Tribunal on the MH-17 Case will trigger a new wave of sanctions, so strong that Russia will return to a half-starved existence. At the same time, the intra-cave trend of suppressing any manifestation of discontent will continue, total fear will cover the country, and to further exasperate, Putinists will lift the moratorium on the death penalty, tightening criminal articles on treason, treason, extremism, terrorism, currency and cryptocurrency transactions, homosexuality and propaganda " alien way of life ". At the legislative level, punitive psychiatry will also return, which in fact has already been returned, it will simply be completed legally. Putin's gulag will be significantly different from the Stalinist one: Putin does not have the same number of people as in the USSR, the coronavirus will mow down another third, and then China is running out from the East, but the Lubyanka gangster is not about an idea, but about theft and thirst authorities personally for themselves. Therefore, such a structure is unlikely to be durable. Stalin dreamed of a world revolution, but Putin does not look beyond dreams of his own rejuvenation into the future. And when he is carried forward with his feet - no matter whether from a sudden urination on the rug or because of a meeting with a "Novichok" - the country will growl for a long time in isolation, not understanding the nature and language of the forever changed human civilization. This is how wild tribes are frightened by modern people they met in the lost jungle. They swing their darts and bulge their eyes. And they tiptoe back into the jungle - away from the incomprehensible danger that burst into the familiar everyday life of the Stone Age.

Why are you so evil? It would be better if the people were organized for peaceful rallies, and not mocked. In the eyes of the people, the spark of hope is almost extinguished. And you sprinkle salt into those eyes. It would be better if they started organizing a peaceful revolution. And not howling around the corner - everything is bad. The people see that it is bad, but so far I see only women active. And the men go on strike only in the Caucasus. Alexander, I would like to ask you why you insult Alexei Navalny. After all, he, like you, does a great job explaining to the population what kind of totalitarian regime they live in. Thanks for your work.

It seems that moving to Europe is a panacea for a Russian. I think you need to create the same living conditions in your homeland and you won't have to go anywhere. Moving too easy. Who needs us there ?! What a pissy Putin is. He is afraid of the coronavirus, he is afraid of his population, walking everywhere in a bulletproof vest and everywhere under the cover of bulletproof glasses, he is afraid of Shaman Gabyshev. He does not give money to support the population, sells the country to the left and right, sells natural resources without sharing with the population, makes a radioactive garbage dump from the country, while putting money in his pocket, strangles with taxes, helps all countries except his own. I'm just shocked by such a president.

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